Elden Ring Thops Questline: Glintstone Keys and Rewards

Elden Ring has various side quests to offer. You can opt to pursue them to uncover hidden aspects of the...

Elden Ring has various side quests to offer. You can opt to pursue them to uncover hidden aspects of the game alongside other rewards as well. This guide contains information on the Thops Questline.

Thops is an NPC who is apparently a student of the Raya Lucaria academy and still hasn’t sorted out his power. You can find out all about him by exhausting his dialogue. His questline is relatively short and easy to complete. He wishes to go back to the Raya Lucaria Academy in order to complete his studies but he needs a Glintstone Key in order to do so. Below is a detailed walkthrough of his questline can be found;

Thops Location in Elden Ring

Thops can be found near the Church of Irith. Fast Travel to the Site of Grace. Continue inside the ruined building where you can see him sitting alone at the bench.

How to start Thops’ Questline in Elden Ring

Thops questline can be started by offering him a Glintstone Key, provided you have it yourself. You can also choose to learn sorceries from him. You can choose the option of giving him the Glintstone Key but he will deny your offer. He will say that the key is yours and you will need it to enter the academy. In other words, you will have to find the second Glintstone key which can be found in the academy.

Where to Find the First Glintstone Key

You can find the first Glintstone key near the Glinstone Dragon Smarag. You don’t necessarily need to defeat this dragon in order to get the key as it is found on a corpse behind the dragon. Be quick on your feet and loot the corpse while the dragon takes his time getting up for battle.

This dragon can be found west of the Raya Lucaria Academy on a small island. There is no Site of Grace nearby so you will have to be on foot for most of the way. The dragon will have blue Scarabs flying over it so it will be hard to miss it. The corpse can be found behind the dragon settled with the large spike.

How to Find the Second Glintstone Key in Elden Ring

To find the second Glintstone key, you must defeat the Red Wolf of Radagon to make your quest easy. This enemy can be found in the Debate Parlour of the academy where a Site of Grace; Debate Parlour can also be found. Fast travel to this site. Go out the door into the courtyard. There will be a staircase covered with rubble to your left. Climb it up where enemies will be waiting for your arrival.

You can choose to either fight them or just pass on by rolling over and over to dodge their attacks. Climb up the rubble and climb another stairwell in front of you. Make a left and jump over the railing onto the stairwell underneath. Climb this stairwell and take a left again where a corpse should be hanging on the railing. Jump over this one as well and land on the rooftops beneath.

Follow the path along the rooftop to the point where two soldiers will be hanging out. Take them out and to your right, there will be a ladder. Climb it up and cross the bridge. Follow along the ledge and drop down on the rooftop on the right. From there, drop down four rooftops on your right. After the fourth one, drop down again on the ledge to your left side. Follow this ledge and you will reach the rooftop of the Church of Cuckoo.

Jump onto this rooftop and make your way up to the broken windows. Climb inside on the ledge and look for the chandelier hanging from the ledges. It will have a body that will contain the Glintstone Key. Pick it up and go back to Thops and give it to him.

Giving him the key will earn you a gesture called Erudition.

Thops’ Location at the Raya Lucaria Academy

You can choose to drop the quest here but if you want additional items, you can follow along. Giving him the first key will mean that he can access the academy now. This is where he will be found. Fast travel to the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace. Thops’ dead body will be found outside the classroom. You can obtain the following items from his body:

Thops’ Barrier is actually a pretty useful item. It is the only barrier that can stop the attacks of the Elden Beast.

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