This One Guy Managed To Acquire All 1260 Wii Titles Ever Released, Tells You a Thing or Two About Collecting

Nintendo’s last generation console Wii was one of the more popular gaming platforms released in the past 10 odd years. It’s a platform that has been blessed with 1260 games to date. Not too shabby.

Most Wii owners would boast about how they own a few dozens of those. Many would be impressed. Kacy ‘Da Game Nerd’ on the other hand, would only chuckle at that amount.

The seasoned ‘completionist’ has managed to fill his shelves with all 1260 games that were released on the Wii. He does readily admit that a third of the Wii’s library is taken up with shovelware, but like every veteran Nintendo fan knows that despite the console’s casual-gaming encouraging nature, it has a fair share of absolutely must-have titles.

The only complain Kacy has with his impressive (to put it mildly) feat of collecting all the Wii games is that he could only get his hands on the titles that were officially released in North America.

Kacy suggested that now was the ideal time to initiate and finish the collection, as most people are offloading the Wii software at extremely low prices. According to the collector, it cost him an average $4 a game.

Be sure to check out Da Game Nerd’s interview with Metal Jesus Rocks to know about his collection. Maybe you can learn a thing or two from the Senpai.

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