This New GTA V Mod Allows Co-op in GTA V Singleplayer

Fans of GTA are so busy playing GTA Online that nobody wondered why Rockstar did not add any co-op in GTA V single-player mode, given that there are three main protagonists in the game.

However, an ambitious modder has developed and released a GTA 5 Mod with internet and LAN co-op. The mod is based on a previous mod called GTACoOp. GTACoOp was one of the most popular co-op mods for the game, however, updates and support for this mod ended few months ago.

This new mod is called TinyMP, and it allows several players to participate in the same single-player mission in GTA V. The most significant improvement this GTS 5 mod has over its predecessor is that this mod allows players to host their own servers within the game, for which this mod provides a simple menu.

According to the creator of this mod, Soccermitchy, in coming months there will be more updates that will expand the functionality of the mod and will make the use of this mod more convenient. Depending on the popularity of the mod, bug fixes and new features will be added.

There were also some mods released that sought to replace GTA Online for their users, as they advertised themselves with features like “use of mods in Online” and “hosting your own server.”

However, Rockstar took down these mods as they conflicted with the Terms Of Services and EULA for GTA V, and also these mods were a reason for revenue loss for Rockstar.

Maybe shutting these mods down was the reason that GTA Online earned $500 million in revenue.

It is important to mention that TinyMP, the GTA 5 Mod in question, does not violate any Terms Of Services or EULA of GTA V, as this mod is not an alternative for GTA Online it just adds co-op in GTA V single-player.

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