This Fallout 4 Exploit Gets You 10,000 XP Every Minute on Consoles

So you are playing Fallout 4 on consoles but are feeling bad about the fact there will be no console commands to help you get the upper hand? Well, this Fallout 4 exploit is bound to make life easier for many of you – until Bethesda patches it.

A YouTube user has found a way to earn massive amounts of XP in the game by following a couple of steps. According to the guy, you can at least get 5,000 XP every minute and that rate can go up to 10,000!

First off, get rid of all the things from the workshop you have to your inventory. Put them in a safe. Then, get a Shipment of Copper in your inventory from Diamond City. Now, when you get to the workshop again, access the storage and “just slide your finger from Y to X or Triangle to Square in a steady pace.”

You will see the item exit the workshop, if you keep repeating the above it keeps duplicating your copper. Duplicate as much as you want and then go Editing; there, you should start placing Copper Statues all around and see the XP rise.

Now scrap all the statues and hit the storage again to repeat the process from where you had to hit the controller buttons in a specific pattern.

We have also added a video featuring the said Fallout 4 exploit above so that you can learn from it yourself.

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