This Corsair Diablo 4 Custom PC Will Make You Envy

Check out this incredible Diablo 4 custom PC made by Corsair at Blizzcon. As it seems the company did know about the announcement after all.

Diablo 4 may have come as a surprise for us, Corsair didn’t go to Blizzcon unprepared though. As it seems, the company did know about the cinematic trailer Blizzard was about to show to the public during the show and they prepared an eye-candy for them. At its booth, Corsair has set up a Diablo 4 custom PC, featuring the gate shown at the beginning of the trailer and we can’t get over how beautiful it looks.

The Diablo 4 custom PC from Corsair basically consists of a classic mid-tower “dressed” as the entrance of a temple. On its front side, you can find a huge door similar to that from the trailer while on the steps in front of it walks one of the characters. The design continues around the tower, making it look like a structure made out of stone. Here’s a gallery with all the photos posted by Corsair through Twitter:

After the post, fans were quick to point out that the company knew about the announcement all along. Corsair’s response was that if they’d told us, they’d had to sacrifice us to Lilith. Touche.

Diablo 4 was announced during the first day of Blizzcon with a 9-minute cinematic trailer showing Lilith’s summoning. The trailer was followed by a short gameplay showcase, although it didn’t come with the huge changes we were all expecting to its mechanics. For the time being, 3 classes are confirmed: Mage, Barbarian and Druid. There’s no set release date and it might be a while before we get to play the game.

The Corsair Diablo 4 custom PC isn’t the only treat that franchise fans can see at Blizzcon. A statue of Lilith stands tall in the center of one of the rooms, showing the upcoming game’s main antagonist in all her glory.

Blizzcon had more news to share about our favorite franchises except for Diablo. Overwatch 2 is happening, bringing story missions and hero customization to the mix. A new expansion for World of Warcraft, Shadowlands was also announced along with an auto battler mode and a new expansion for Hearthstone.

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