There are 39M Xbox Live Users Right Now but Hardware Sales are Down

Latest financial statements from Microsoft reveal there are 39 million Xbox Live active users right now.

Microsoft recently published their financial statements for the first quarter of financial year 2016. While the documents and the notes attached to it are usually boring, there always is something hidden in there that is worth the read.

As far as their videogaming division is concerned, the Redmond based tech giant has revealed that the number of Xbox Live members is larger than ever now. Going up 28 percent, there are about 39 million monthly users of the service!

This is a pretty huge number and speaks volumes of the fan base of the Xbox. Moving on, it was also revealed that the Xbox Live revenue had gone up by 17 percent which suggests that not all of those additional subscribers were Gold members.

Also, the total revenue from videogames has gone up by 66 percent and Microsoft credits Minecraft for this feat.

However, not everything called for a party in their financial statements. The hardware revenue for the company has gone down by 17 percent which is a considerable dip.

A revenue of $9.4 billion was reported as compared to $11.2 billion from last year. However, this includes a number of products one of which is Xbox One.

So tell us, what do you make of the Xbox Live members? Microsoft did not tell us how many of them were paying for the services, but we could make a wild guess right?

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