The Witcher 2 Malena Quest Walkthrough

Help Guards figure out whether the Melana is a Spy or not.

You will encounter an elven woman called Malena in The Witcher 2, whom some guards harass at Lobinden. The guards will call her an elven witch and accuse her of being a Scoia’tael Spy. The guards have no evidence so that you can undertake the Malena quest.

All you have to do is figure out whether she is a spy. This relatively easy quest will require some exploration and monster hunting. I will address how you can complete the Malena Quest in this guide.

Investigate the Cave

You can jump down after finding the cave entrance and head inside the tunnel. Moreover, you will also notice blood trails, which may suggest that some monster inside the cave murdered the guards. Drink certain potions like Cat to better visualize the cave area in The Witcher 2.

Defeat the Nekker Warriors

Once inside, you will get to face enemies such as Nekker Warriors. These enemies are relentless and will attack you frequently. Make sure to dodge their attacks and kill each of these monsters by separating them from their group. Use Quen, as it will keep you safe and prevent you from taking any fatal injuries.

After dealing with the Nekker Warriors, you can look around the cave to find the blood trails and follow them. This way, you will find two dead soldiers, and as it turns out, they were shot with Scoia’tael arrows. This checks out the soldier’s story and confirms that Malena is a spy working for the enemy in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings.

You can then return to where you encountered Malena and the soldiers to find them waiting. The soldiers will ask you, and you can answer that the dead soldiers were impaled with Scoia’tael arrows. Hearing this, Malena will state that she knows nothing about this matter. Now, you will have multiple options to discuss this situation.

Confirm the evidence with the soldiers and send Malena to Loredo

This is the best choice in terms of the Malena Quest. You can tell the soldiers that Malena works for the Scoia’tael and lures the guards into the cave. The monsters inside killed the guards, so she is the spy and should be sent to Loredo in The Witcher 2.

You found the Scoia’tael arrows but believe Malena to be innocent

Once you confirm that the two guards you found at the cave were indeed shot with Scoia’tael arrows, Malena will exclaim that she knows nothing of this matter. You can then tell the soldiers that you believe her, and though the soldiers aren’t too keen on believing her, Malena will ask you all to follow her in Witcher 2.

Along the way, the soldiers and Geralt will fall into her trap, and Scoia’tael guards will come rushing to attack you. The Soldiers will not be too much help on your side and will serve to distract these Scoia’tael enemies.

You can kill them all and then find Malena. You will have the choice to kill her, spare her, or send her to Loredo to end the Malena quest in The Witcher 2.

Believe in Malena and lie to the Soldiers

You might be thinking in some corner of your heart that Malena might not have any bad intentions, and you might want to save her from this situation. You can tell the soldiers that the monsters killed the guards you found and that you did not find evidence of Malena being a Scoia’tael spy.

The soldiers will leave, and Malena will thank you for saving her. Moreover, she will ask you to meet her near the waterfall so you can go there. However, this meeting will be an ambush, and the Scoia’tael squad will attack you. You can take your time to kill all the Scoia’tael guards and then head out to find Malena in The Witcher 2.

You will find Malena near one of the walls of the Ruined Hospital, and since she deceived you in this matter, you can either send her to Loredo or kill her to complete this quest.

Rewards for completing the Malena quest

The rewards for completing the Malena quest will be the same in all cases, as Malena is a Scoia’tael spy. Once you kill her or hand her over to Loredo, you will gain the following rewards in The Witcher 2:

  • 125 XP
  • Orens
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