The Witcher 2 Lilies And Vipers Quest Walkthrough

Should you charge both Kimbolt and Maravel in the Lilies and Vipers quest?

Lilies and Vipers quest is an additional quest that was added to The Witcher 2 in the Enhanced Edition. The quest occurs in Roche’s path to investigate and collect information regarding the King’s children. This side quest connects to a new character named Brigida, whom you must escort to safety.

She claims to know about the children, which makes her important. Here’s how to complete the Lilies and Vipers Quest.

Complete the Crown Witness quest

Once you agree to escort Brigida out of the city, the quest for the Crown Witness will start, and you’ll be transported to the main gate. From here, go into the forest and down the path. Follow Brigida as she knows the location of the smuggler who will help her leave in The Witcher 2.

After a while, the cutscene will start, and you’ll end up in a new location. Go around the location, and a few seconds later, a mage and some bandits will ambush you. Defeat them and jump down towards the stream. Follow it, and you’ll face more bandits. During both of these fights, make sure Brigida is not harmed.

Follow the stream as it goes, and soon, it will be joined by the river. You’ll find a boat and a smuggler in The Witcher 2. The smuggler is dead, and you’ll be ambushed once again by more bandits and mage.

Deal with them and talk to Brigida to get as much information as possible. Once done, send her on her way.

How to charge both Kimbolt and Maravel in The Witcher 2?

After getting all the information from Brigida, you’ll know that Maravel and Kimbolt are the bad guys. Go back to the city of Loc Muinne and find Kimbolt. Talk to him and ask him about the letter. He will deny that he wrote it. At this point, you have two choices.

  • Take the letter to John Natalis and have Kimbolt be charged.
  • Give the letter to the scribe and check if it’s a forgery.

You can easily end the quest with 250 Experience if you choose the first option. However, this would not reveal anything about you story-wise, and Maravel would still be out.

If you want to continue and collect more evidence against him, choose the second option. This would give you more experience points and a reward in the Witcher 2.

Process to test the authenticity of Kimbolt’s letter?

To test the authenticity, take the letter out of the door by the Kimbolt and go towards the left side. You’ll find the scribe drunk and sleeping here, so you must do this yourself. Check the notes that say the following:

  1. Light
  2. Quench
  3. Shit
  4. Rinse

Using these words, find the actions that correspond to them. The correct order goes as follows:

  1. Add burnt lime to the flask;
  2. Add water to the flask;
  3. Add cormorant guano to the flask
  4. Heat the flask, capture the vapors, and douse them with water.

It’s better not to risk the original letter, so first use the process on a draft paper. When you are confident, take out the letter and use the solution. The paper will turn red, signaling that the letter was a forgery.

Return to Kimbolt, and he’ll reward you and request a favor in The Witcher 2 Lilies and Vipers quest. If you accept his request, The Messenger quest will start. Soon, you’ll be contacted by Maravel, who will start another quest called Pacta Sunt Servanda.

The Messenger quest

Once the Messenger quest starts, you’ll get to follow Count Maravel’s mage. After a little while, you’ll be spotted, starting an extensive fight between many soldiers and the mage himself. The Mage is quite powerful, so prepare yourself before following him.

Once defeated, loot his body, and you’ll find a letter on him that is evidence against Maravel.

Pacta Sunt Servanda quest

On the other hand, the Pacta Sunt Servanda is the quest to prove Kimbolt’s crimes. Once accepted, talk to the blackmailers Kimbolt sent away earlier. Kimbolt’s soldiers will soon arrive, so they choose to protect the blackmailers. Once the fight is over, the blackmailer agrees to testify against Kimbolt.

Charge both of them: Kimbolt and Maravel

Now that you have information from both sides go to John Natalis and give him evidence and information. If you blame one out of the two, you’ll get a reward from the other. If you decide to put both under the bus, you’ll get more experience and reward, so it is better to get both charged in The Witcher 2 Lilies and Vipers quest.

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