The Walking Dead Final Season Episode 2 Collectibles Locations Guide

The Final Season of The Walking Dead has been a blast and Episode #2 has a few collectibles for you to find. Our The Walking Dead Final Season Episode 2 Collectibles Locations Guide will guide you to the locations of all of these collectibles.

The Walking Dead Final Season Episode 2 Collectibles

Even though Telltale Games has gone bust and only has a crew of around 25 people remaining, those who had bought Episode 2 can still play it.

There might not be another episode but there is a lot of fun to be had in this one.

Let us go ahead and look at all of the collectibles that are in this episode, of which there are 3.

If you have found collectibles before, then you will know that picking up the collectibles is simply not enough.

You need to make your way back to your bedroom and then place them over there to be able to have them.

Boar Skull
When you return to the school, you will need to go to the greenhouse where this a barbed wire that you need to collect. Ruby and Mitch join you over here.

When you are at the Green House, you can search around the area. Stay outside and look in the grass behind Ruby to find the Boar Skull collectible.

When you have entered the Green House and taken care of all of the zombies that are inside of the area, you will be able to roam freely and explore the area.

Look at the planer that has growing mushrooms and takes one of them for yourself. If you want, you can also eat the mushroom to get the Edible Achievement/Trophy.

Venus Flytrap
When you get to the second part of the greenhouse, you need to clear the door. Do that and then get inside the classroom.

After you are done talking to Ruby inside of the classroom, go to the corner and you will find a pot that has a Venus Flytrap on it. Take it to get the last collectible of this Episode.

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