The Surge 2 Stats and Attributes Guide

This guide includes all you need to know about the various stats and attributes in The Surge 2 and how changing these stats affects your gameplay.

The Surge 2 has three primary stats: health, stamina, and energy. Apart from these 3 main stats, The Surge 2 also has some attributes, which are categorized as offensive and defensive.

Now, if you want to know what these main stats do and what those attributes mean, this guide is for you. We will discuss everything there is to know about Stats and Attributes in The Surge 2.


Main Stats in The Surge do have a cap when it comes to Stats level in The Surge 2. You can check this helpful table if you want to know when exactly the three stats start showing diminishing returns.

The Surge 2 Stats

When you level up in The Surge 2 by using Tech Scraps, the Module Points are increased by 2, and one point is added to the total amount of the core power. Spending a Module Point will upgrade your main stats, such as Health, Stamina, and Energy. Your Core Power (Power Consumption Level), on the other hand, will determine which gear or implants you can use. Increasing your Power Consumption Level with each point you spend will allow you to equip better gear in The Surge 2.


Your health bar appears in the middle at the bottom of the screen. This stat determines your character’s total health.

Injectables or a Medbay can be used to restore your health. 300 points is the maximum health that your character gets in the start, which can later be increased by spending 1 Module Point.

Health points are lost due to enemy attacks, environmental damage, or falling from a height. You will die if these points reach zero, and the last Medbay used by you will be your respawning position.


The total amount of actions that your character can perform in one go is determined by stamina. These actions include attacks, parries, jumps and evades. The stamina bar is present in the lower-mid part of the screen (the green bar).

When stamina usage is stopped, its regeneration will start shortly. The starting limit of your stamina is 150 points, which can be increased by using Module Points, and that can be put to good use for attack, parry, jump, and evade.

Stamina boost can also be provided by some Implants and all the former mentioned actions cannot be performed if you are out of stamina and you will have to wait for it to fill up. Weapons also consume stamina in different amounts.


The light blue bar at the lower middle of your screen represents your energy, which is distributed into battery points that are used by injectables and is also required for killing blows.

Successful attacks or parries with enemies will refill your energy bar. You will have 3 battery points along with 100% Battery Efficiency. A battery point is consumed for each blow or injectable used.

25 Module Points have to be spent to get 4 battery points, i.e., they increase as you spend battery points on them.

Energy gained varies according to the weapon you use.  In case energy is neither consumed or gained for some time then you will lose the stored energy after that time.

Defensive Attributes

Now that we have discussed the main stats, let’s discuss what Attributes mean in the Surge 2 starting with defensive attributes.

  • Defense
    This attribute is determined by the gear you have, which also provides you resistance to the damage you receive from enemies. The additional defense can be equipped by using better gear.
  • Stability
    This is also determined by the gear you have, and this, in turn, is responsible for your resistance against being staggered or falling to the ground on an enemy attack. Negative effects on your character and Stability are inversely proportional to each other. If you upgrade your grade, your stability will increase as well.
  • Stamina Cost Run
    Legs Gear is responsible for this attribute, and it determines how much stamina you consume when you run. If the Stamina Cost Run is lower, then the Stamina consumed when you run will also be lower. Upgrade gear will improve this as well.
  • Stamina Cost Evade
    Legs Gear is also responsible for this attribute and determines the stamina consumed when you evade. The same rule of stamina cost applies to Stamina Cost Evade as it did to Stamina Cost Run, i.e., the lower this attribute, the lower stamina you consume, and gear upgrades improve this as well.
  • Fire Resistance
    The amount of resistance from fire damage is determined by this attribute, which in turn is dependent on the gear you have.
  • Electro Resistance
    Electric damage resistance is dependent on this attribute and this attribute is also dependent on the gear you have.
  • Poison Resistance
    Resistance from venom damage is provided by this attribute and this is dependent on the gear you have.
  • Nano Resistance
    Damage resistance from nano sources is provided by this attribute and the gear you have determines the level of the attribute you get.

Offensive attributes

With Defensive attributes out of the way, the following are the offensive attributes used in The Surge 2:

  • Damage
    The amount of damage dealt by the character using weapons is determined by this attribute, and it will increase as you get better weapons.
  • Impact
    Weapons and Arms Gear provide an impact due to which you get the ability to knock, stagger, or launch enemies into the air, and the same way as damage, when you upgrade weapons, you get a better impact.
  • Attack Speed
    This attribute determines the speed of the attacks of the character provided by Weapons and Arms gear and improves as you upgrade them.
  • Energy Gain
    Energy gained while your character performs an attack or parry successfully is determined by this attribute depending upon the Weapons you use.
  • Stamina Consumption
    When you perform attacks, stamina is consumed, which is determined by the Weapons and Body gear you have equipped.
  • Damage Unarmored
    The amount of damage you can inflict on unarmored parts of an enemy is modified by this attribute, which depends upon your Headgear.
  • Damage ArmoredThe amount of damage you can inflict on armored parts of an enemy is modified by this attribute, which depends upon the Headgear you have.
  • Fire Damage
    This attribute determines fire damage applied to a character’s attacks, and it depends upon the weapons you have.
  • Electricity Damage
    This attribute applies Electricity Damage to the character’s attacks and depends upon the weapons you have.
  • Poison Damage
    This attribute applies venom Damage to a character’s attacks and depends upon the weapons you have.
  • Nano Damage
    Nano Damage to a character’s attacks is applied by this attribute and depends upon the weapons you have.

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