The Sinking City Letters From Oakmont Locations Guide

The Sinking City is a new breed of the open-world game with a faithful Lovecraftian setting being the first for such a structure in video games. Apart from discovering the main lore of the game, you will get a chance to uncover the little details and secrets that play an important role in the mythos of the world. Such opportunities are presented via side stories and below we will be discussing on acquiring and completing these optional tasks.

The Sinking City Letters from Oakmont

The main side quest titled “Letters from Oakmont” allows you to embark on your journey to collect these Mysterious Letters across Oakmont. These lie in various areas and each location will hint towards the next one via some clues.

To acquire the quest, simply complete the first story case “Frosty Welcome” and exit your hotel room. On the first floor, you will be able to interact with the owner of Devil’s Reef Hotel.

After speaking with him, he will inform you about letters that are to be retrieved from different locations. You also might find it useful to read the journal entries for more info. about finding these particular letters. Below, you will see these locations listed in the order they appear in the game.

1. Forlorn Woman
In Salvation Harbor, enter the building around the corner of Oldchurch Road. Ascend the stairs and collect the note lying on a table situated in the bedroom.

2. Lone Child
After reaching Coverside, use your boat to traverse the waters and reach the building over at Kingsport Street. Entering the building and move to the upper floor when you are prompted to use the Mind’s Eye ability near the brick door. Enter through the newly revealed passage and collect the letter which lies near on the ground some toys.

3. Mirrors, Mirrors!
Move to the southwest region of Advent District via the boat and enter the building across from Oak Street. On the first floor, push past through the boarded passage to find the letter in the bedroom. Be wary of the creatures residing here though.

4. Disgusting Exaltation
The building you will be entering is in the southern region of Oldgrove right on Warwick Street. There are multiple monsters inside the building and a big one that is pretty hard to kill. The note itself is upstairs on a desk in one of the rooms.

5. Call of the Ocean
Move to E. Brown Street in the central region of Shells district. Enter the building here and reach the second floor. Here, observe the greenish seashell with the Mind’s Eye to reveal the letter under it.

6. Static in Ears
Move to the building situated on Healog Street on Reed Heights. Avoiding the monsters inside, move to the basement, and collect the letter on the table.

7. Voice from the Pipes
Another one at Reed Heights, move from the west of Baker Street and enter the building with the white door. Head upstairs to the last room of the corridor and grab the letter from the dressing room. Rush out of the building to avoid monsters.

8. From Behind!
Look for the building near the pier on Oak Street in the western region of Advent. Head upstairs to reach the room where the note is lying near a table lamp. Move out quickly after grabbing the letter to avoid the foes in the building.

9. Terrible Fetus
Move to Reed Heights and navigate to Washington Street and enter the building here. Head to the third or top-most floor and collect the note off of the wrapped corpse.

10. Innsmouther’s Notes
Navigate to Whisper Street on Grimhaven Bay. Enter the warehouse in the infested region of the district.

11. Lullaby Crossroad
In Coverside, head to the building around Old Church Road on Beacon Street. Look for the “Men’s Finest Clothing” sign above the building and enter it to find the letter in the room upstairs. Collect it from the desk.

This is all we have in our The Sinking City Letters from Oakmont Locations Guide. If you have anything else to add, be sure to let us know!

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