The Sims Medieval Errors and Fixes

You might be facing problems in running the game properly. These Sims Medieval errors and their fixes will help you get the game running

Don’t let any annoying bug in your way to experience the new add on in the Sims series, The Sims Medieval. You can follow our troubleshooting guide for The Sims Medieval Errors and Fixes for all the possible bizarre situations you may come across while playing the game.

The Sims Medieval Errors and Fixes

#1 Game Crashes after a Flash
If you are facing the issue that your game crashes after you move your camera to some specific place specially the bathroom, you should turn off the reflections ti solve the issue. This issue mostly occurs when your graphics card is unable to handle the graphics.

#2 The screen goes black – Blue Screen Error
This problem can be common with those having integrated graphics chip. It most occurs while placing a building with security. EA’s latest patch should fix the problem.

#3 Launcher can’t be opened – Not a Valid Win 32 Application
You should try running the executable directly. It can be found in:

For XP: C://Program Files/Electronic Arts/The Sims Medieval/Game/Bin/TSM.exe
For Win Vista/Win 7: C://Program Files (x86)/Electronic Arts/The Sims Medieval/Game/Bin/TSM.exe

#4 Corrupted Save File Solution
People facing crashes while placing building may end up with a corrupted save file. Here is a work around to fix the issue:

  1. Go to My Documents>Electronic Arts>The Sims Medieval
  2. Now open Saves and then the kingdoms save file.
  3. There then should be three files (DAT,DATA and NHD).
  4. What you need to do is right click on the DAT file go to properties and click on the tab for Previous Version.
  5. Once it finds a previous version restore it to the previous version.
  6. Repeat the same procedure for the DATA file.

Caution : Do not restore the NHD file.

#5 .Net Framework issue
You should install Framework v4.0 to avoid any framework related errors. If you can’t fix it manually, you should try updating your windows. If you are using Windows XP SP2 then you should upgrade to SP3.

#6 Can’t Change the Screen Resolution
If you accidentally have changed game’s resolution to the one that is not supported by your Monitor/Screen and can’t see the anything to revert it back then you can try the following simple solution:

Head to Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims Medieval and delete options.ini file. New .ini file be generated having a default resolution of 1024 x 768.

#7 Error Loading Save Game File – A serious Error has occurred
It means your save file most probably is corrupted. You can try #4 to restore it.

#8 Error Starting a New Game – A serious Error has occurred
Try reinstalling the game. Before you reinstall it, remove the Sims folder from your documents directory.

#9 Can’t Access the Options Screen/Menu
Reinstall the game but don’t apply the patch. This may fix your problem.

#10 Game Launcher error code 400
Try updating the game launcher to fix the problem.

#11 Disk Authentication Failure
For disc based Sims 3 expansion or stuff packs, the game disc of the most recently released and installed title is always used to launch the game. This applies even if the expansion or stuff packs are installed out of order.

#12 Game Performance is Reduced
It can be due to multiple reasons like not sufficient RAM memory, system heating and outdated gfx drivers. If you are meeting the minimum requirements of the game then your best shot is that you update your gfx drivers to the latest.

#13 CRC error while installation
You should search about your DVD drive whether it supports Dual-layer DVD disks or not. You might need to change that then.
If the problem is not with the DVD drive, the problem is with your disc. You should replace it from the vendor.

#14 How to Shift back to Live Mode from Furnish mode or Kingdom Mode?
To shift back to Live mode, you must be on a quest.

#15 Sims 3 Medieval Startup Error
This error usually occurs after applying the patch. You can try the following work around:

  • Click Start or press the Windows key and R, click Run, type msconfig, and then click OK.
  • Click on Startup.
  • Select disable All.
  • Click on Services.
  • Check the box that says Hide All Microsoft Services, then Disable All.
  • Apply, then restart your system.

After restart, repeat the same procedure but this time enable all the services. Now try launching the game.

#16 Patch Issue

If the patch is not getting installed, we would recommend downloading the game through Origin as the digital download does not require the patch for Windows users.

For MAC users, even digital download requires the patch and for that you can download the patch from official websites

If you face any other issue, let us know and we will try to assist you.

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