How to Join a Secret Society in The Sims 4

This guide will teach you how to join the secret society in The Sims 4, where to find them, and the rewards for joining them.

After the release of The Sims 4: Discover University, you can join the Secret Society. What good is a secret society if the members don’t meet in secret places? So, this secret society will also require you to meet in Secret Place, and you need to search for it.

These societies have sprites, and they have magical powers on you. They can also give you blessings if they are happy with you. This guide will teach you what secret societies are, where to find them, Rewards and ranks, and events.

The Sims 4 Secret Society

You can find seven organizations at Discover University: three at Britechester University, three at Foxbury Institute, and a Secret Society called the Order of Enchantment. Your Sim can join any of the Secret Societies from above even if your Sim is not studying there.

These secret societies are mysterious organizations that have a supernatural aspect. To join any of these, you need to know where to find the invitation and what things you need to bring to get approved. But in this guide, we will only discuss how to join the Order of Enchantment secret society.

How to Join The Order of Enchantment

You need to follow our instructions if you want to learn How to Join The Order of Enchantment in Sims 4. First, your Sim needs to be a Foxbury Institute or Britechester University student. After that, you need to do the following steps :

Make an offering

To make an offering, you must go to the Courtyard of the University’s main statue. This will begin the process of joining the Secret Society. The main statue in the institutes will look as follows:

  • It looks like a big open book at Britechester University.
  • It’s a model of a Mr. Foxbury at Foxbury Institute.

You will be presented with several options once you are at the statue. Choose “Make Offering for Academic Success” from the option. You will be shown a pop-up showing you to pick your donations for the institute.

The institute is very strict about the offering and requires you to bring the only specific things to prove your loyalty to them. The list of things that are best to bring for the offering are as follows:

  • Baked goods of exceptional quality.
  • Crystals are very rare.
  • Rare metals.
  • Plants for rare gardens.

Accepting the Joining Request

Once you have presented your offering to the organization, a member will visit your home the next day and invite your Sim to join their ranks. The member will only visit if the institute is pleased with your offering.

Then you will be presented with the option of a pop-up menu to accept or reject the offer. You will get the Secret Society Robes and a mask if approved to join the society.

Your Sim will wear these things whenever they attend Order of Enchantment events.

For some players, if the representative doesn’t show up to see your Sim. That means that the offering you presented got rejected, and you need to bring something from the list mentioned above and repeat the process

Order of Enchantment Meeting Location

You can find the secret location of this society in the world of Britechester. Travel past the Pepper’s Pub, and you will find a bridge.

After crossing the bridge, you will find the secret location left of the ruins. This place will have rocks lined in the circle with the cleared ground in the middle. You will also find a small rock in the center of it.

Making Offerings to Sprites

Remember that you gave the offerings to the statue at the beginning; you need to do that once more.

This time you will not get accepted or rejected but will get good or bad moodlets from Sprites at the rock that received your offerings. If the moodlets are positive, the magical creatures are pleased with the offerings.

Sprites are like nuns in the church; you need to pacify them once they come to you. Do the fun and random talk to them. If the sprites are happy with you, they will bless the Sim with a good mood.

Secret Society Ranks and Rewards

As a member of the Order of Enchantment, you must participate in the events. At the start, you will be at beginner rank; then, you can progress up to seasoned and senior rank. You will get Special attire and one-of-a-kind social encounters as rewards for participating in the events.

Completing the tasks will improve your progress bar in the Organization panel. Your Sim will need to complete tasks like Attend events, befriending other members, and performing tasks like giving things to the sprites.

There are rewards for three types of ranks:

New Member:

Your Sim will be given the Rank 1 Order Robes and Mask as a new member.

Seasoned Member:

Your Sim will get the Rank 2 Order Robes and Mask and the Sprite Attack encounter.

Senior Member:

Your Sim will be given the Rank 3 Order Robes and will be able to cast strong Sprites on himself.

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