The Sims 4 Salary Person Career Guide

If you want to try the Salary Person Career in The Sims 4 but aren’t sure what its strong points are and what the best way to play it is, you’ve come to the right place.

This guide explains everything there is to know about the Salary Person Career, including the best skills, list of best mods and cheats to use, the Career Levels, and Job Ranks as your career branches off into different paths.

How to Become Salary Person in The Sims 4

You can choose a Salary Person career in Sims 4 from your phone and computer and start working from home by going into the Find a Job option and selecting Salary Person. The Salary Person career in Sims 4 has two branches: Supervisor and Expert.

Best Skills and Traits For Salary Person


You can choose your sim’s ambitious trait since your sim will be working a lot. As a result of this trait, your sim will enjoy working and will receive happy moodlets from happy days at work


Considering the long working hours, being a lone worker can also be a good option. There won’t be much time for fun or friends for your sim during the week, so being a loner is a good option. It will be easy for a Sim with this trait to experience a decline in their social needs, and they will not require as much time in social settings for happiness.

Writing Skill

Writing Skill can help you progress your career as a Salary person. It will help you explore more options in this career.

Logic Skill

Logic Skill can help you boost up your other skills as well. This is why this Skill is a must-have in your Salary Person career.

Salary Person Career Levels and Job Ranks

Below are the jobs for the basic Salary Person Career.

Level Job Salary
1 New Hire $140/Day
2 Pencil Publisher $210/Day
3 Competent Clerk $250/Day
4 Office Doyen $370/Day

 Supervisor Career Levels and Job Ranks

This is the first branch of the Salary Person career.

Level Job Salary
5 Valued Employee $560/Day
6 Team Leader $930/Day
7 Skilled Supervisor $1240/Day
8 Prime Planner $1407/Day
9 Group Oracle $1750/Day
10 Head of Department $2485/Day

 Expert Career Levels and Job Ranks

This is the second branch of the Salary Person career.

Level Job Salary
5 Data Wrangler $549/Day
6 Calculus Adept $1008/Day
7 Spreadsheet Specialist $1016/Day
8 Master/Mistress of the Cells $1416/Day
9 Formula Virtuoso $1330/Day
10 Cloud Data Guru $1904/Day

Best Mods For Playing Salary Person

The best Mod as a Salary Person is Unlimited Jobs. As the name suggests, this Mod will help you get unlimited opportunities in this career.

Salary Person Cheats

The cheat code for Salary Person Career is careers.promote CorporateWorker.  Open up your cheat console by entering CTRL+SHIFT+C; the cheat console will appear.  Enter this cheat code in the console, and the cheat will be activated.

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