The Sims 4: Salary Person Career Guide

Considering choosing the Salary Person Career in The Sims 4? Here are the best skills, mods, and cheats you will need.

The Salary Person is one of the many career paths you can choose in the Sims 4. As the name suggests, you work for a fixed salary through a rigorous work week requiring you to put in tremendous amounts of effort.

In this guide, we’ll explore everything there is to know about the Salary person career, including the different career branches, ranks, paths, and the skills you need to be successful.

How to Become a Salary Person in The Sims 4

To become a Salary person in The Sims 4, use your phone or computer, go into the Find a Job option, and select the Salary Person career path. This career has two branches: Supervisor and Expert and each branch has a different university degree requirement.

Salary Person Career Levels and Job Ranks

Salary Person in the Career for you if you want to do a job that will spare more time for your family. This is because this job is only for Monday till Friday, meaning you can have all the time for your family on weekends.

On the downside, you will have long working hours during the week, meaning you will not have much time during the weekdays.

But there is also an upside to working as a Salary Person; you can work overtime for extra money if you want.

When working as a New Hire, you will prepare semi-important reports. These reports can be prepared by logging onto your computer. For this, your sim would need a Writing Skill and Logic Skill, which we mentioned above.

Since you will be working full time for the job, you need to consider hiring a maid who will take care of basic house chores such as Cleaning, Washing, and drying.

Also, you need to get seldom sleepy or never weary reward traits to cope with all the hard work associated with the job. This will help you be less sleepy during the hard weekdays. It is important to note that you can not work from home when choosing this career path.

Below are the jobs for the basic Salary Person Career.

1New Hire$140/Day
2Pencil Publisher$210/Day
3Competent Clerk$250/Day
4Office Doyen$370/Day

Supervisor Career Levels and Job Ranks

This is the first branch of the Salary Person career and requires a university degree in Communications.

5Valued Employee$560/Day
6Team Leader$930/Day
7Skilled Supervisor$1240/Day
8Prime Planner$1407/Day
9Group Oracle$1750/Day
10Head of Department$2485/Day

Expert Career Levels and Job Ranks

This is the second branch of the Salary Person career and requires a degree in Computer Science.

Level JobSalary
5Data Wrangler$549/Day
6Calculus Adept$1008/Day
7Spreadsheet Specialist$1016/Day
8Master/Mistress of the Cells$1416/Day
9Formula Virtuoso$1330/Day
10Cloud Data Guru$1904/Day

Best Skills and Traits For Salary Person


You can choose your sim’s ambitious trait since your sim will be working a lot. As a result of this trait, your sim will enjoy working and will receive happy moodlets from happy days at work.


Considering the long working hours, being a lone worker can also be a good option. There won’t be much time for fun or friends for your sim during the week, so being a loner is a good option. It will be easy for a Sim with this trait to experience a decline in their social needs, and they will not require as much time in social settings for happiness.

Writing Skill

Writing Skills can help you progress your career as a Salary person. It will help you explore more options in this career.

Logic Skill

Logic Skill can help you boost up your other skills as well. This is why this Skill is a must-have in your Salary Person career.

The Sims 4 Salary Person Cheat

For the Salary Person career path in The Sims 4, you can make use of the promotion cheat to move through the ranks and earn a higher wage. To use this cheat, open the game’s console by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+C. Next, add type in careers.promote CorporateWorker and press enter.

Your Sim will now be promoted to the next rank in your chosen Salary Person career path. You can repeat this cheat until you reach the top position.

The Sims 4 Salary Person vs Business Career Path

Both the salaried person and business career paths offer different career branches, paths, and salary options. The business career is more robust, offering you a plethora of different branches when compared to Salary Person’s two branches.

This affords you more flexibility and options in the long term, furthermore, the earning potential is higher in the business profession, with the investor branch allowing you the potential to earn up to $3248/day.

Lastly, the Salary Person career’s working hours are much greater, averaging about 10-12 hours while for business branches its closer to 8 hours. While you do earn overtime with the Salary Person career, you may need to hire maids and gardeners to keep your living space in tip-top condition.

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