The Sims 4 Realistic Pregnancy Mod: How To Install And Play

If you feel you need a more realistic and detailed pregnancy experience in The Sims 4, the Realistic Pregnancy mod is just for you.

Pregnancy and Childbirth were finally added to the game in The Sims 4 Get To Work expansion pack and although the addition was a welcome one, it still feels that the whole process feels unrefined.

If you feel you need a more realistic and detailed pregnancy experience for your Sims, then the Realistic Childbirth Mod made by Panda Sama is just for you.

The mod adds numerous features missing in the vanilla game such as selecting a person to accompany a Sim at the time of recovery or having the option to make delivery through a C-section.

The following guide will help you install the Realistic Pregnancy mod and discuss all the new features it adds to The Sims 4.

How to install the Realistic Pregnancy mod in The Sims 4

Installing the Realistic Pregnancy mod is simple and follows the same process as any other mod. One thing to note however is that since pregnancy and childbirth were a feature added in The Sims 4 Get to Work, you will require this expansion pack to play this mod.

Open PandaSama’s Patreon page and download the Realistic Childbirth mod. Now open your Downloads folder and find the zip file of the mod you just downloaded.

Open the Zip file through any archive software and extract the zip files.

Now open the game files to paste the mod files inside. The game files can be found by inside the folder named The Sims 4. Open your Documents and clicks on Electronic Art to find them.

Open the folder named Mods and create a new folder inside titled Realistic Pregnancy Mod. Now paste your extracted mod files here.

Startup The Sims 4 and open the settings to make sure “Enable Custom Content” and “Script Mods” have been enabled.

Now restart the game to experience all the features of the Realist Pregnancy mod.

Be sure to install the updates of the mods as well. New features get added every so often so be sure to keep checking for updates. After every update, make sure to always enable Script Mods and Custom Content in the settings.

What does the Realistic Pregnancy mod adds in Sims 4

The mod will add the following features to The Sims 4.


There is more depth added to the Delivery methods at the time of pregnancy. When your Sim gets Pregnant you can change your preferred method of delivery out of the following three

  • Surgery Table
  • Natural Birth
  • C-Section

Surgery Table is the standard process that the vanilla Sims 4 offered while Natural Birth and C-Section are newer features we will discuss.

If you want to select a preferred delivery type, you can open your phone and call your Obstetrician to do so. You can find this option under Household.

You can also change this option in the same way, should you change your mind later on.

You also have the option to choose another Sim to join your pregnant Sim at the time of delivery for support. This person should be close to the pregnant sim to be selected.

It is important to note that the delivery method preference chosen for one pregnancy will be chosen for future ones as well and must be changed by once again calling your Obstetrician.

Natural Birth

This is a new feature added inside the mod. When chosen as the type of preferred delivery it will give you a notification reading that you will be required 10 cm dilation before delivery.

The process could require hours or even several days. You can even do certain exercises to achieve this early like pre-birth exercises, yoga ball exercises, and going on walks. The mod adds new animation for all these actions.

Your Sim can also break their water during labor, making them feel uneasy. They will also start to feel contractions during the process. You can take epidurals once your Sim reaches 6 cm dilation.


A C-section is a quicker method that can also be chosen by calling your Obstetrician. Waiting for a 10 cm dilation will not be required and you can simply proceed with a process for a quicker experience for your Sim.

Simply reach the hospital and wait for a notification to pop up. Your Sim will ask for an Epidural and lie on the exam bed. Wait for the doctor to give an epidural and for its effect to start.

Keep on the lookout for your Sims moodlets which will indicate if it has started working. Once the effect has begun, complete the delivery process by clicking on the surgery table.

Other Features

The mod has added more varied moodlets that the Sim can experience at various stages of the pregnancy process. You can Induce Labor through activities and Woohoo. If you want Woohoo to induce labor, select the option.

You can gain weight after the pregnancy you can turn this option On or Off. Your Sim can also wear any clothing that you want during the delivery process.

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