The Sims 4 Not So Berry Challenge Guide

If you are bored, take up the Not So Berry challenge where you have to raise several generations in The Sims 4 in particular colors.

The “Not So Berry” challenge is one of the many legacy challenges that you can attempt to complete in The Sims 4. Your main goal here is to raise several generations of your Sim with each generation representing a different color for everything from hair to clothes to makeup to skin, etc.

However, you cannot just select colors of your own. There is also more to do than just coloring your Sims. There is an aspect of role-play here where you have a set of tasks to complete for each generation before moving on to the next.

In the Sims community, the word “berry” means having bright hair or eye color or having a bright skin tone, which is where the challenge gets its name. If you are bored of your normal Sims gameplay, read on to know how to start and complete the Not So Berry legacy challenge in The Sims 4.

Basic rules for playing the Not So Berry challenge

  • You have to raise 10 generations of Sims where each generation must follow a particular color preset.
  • In addition to your clothes, hair, etc, your house needs to be of the same color as well.
  • The color correspondence only matters to the heir, not to their spouse who can be any color.
  • You can use cheats for free real estate and free money.
  • You have to complete the aspirations and careers of each Sim generation before moving on to the next.
  • You should set your lifespan settings to normal in The Sims 4.

Not So Berry color order, career, aspiration, traits

There is a specific color order to follow for the Not So Berry challenge. You can further spice up your game by adding certain traits to your Sims that relate to their color. For example, since red relates to love and anger, your rose-colored generation can be either romantic or hot-headed Sims.

1MintScientistChief of MischiefJealous, Materialistic, Vegetarian
2RosePoliticianSerial RomanticHot-Headed, Romantic, Snob
3YellowAstronautNerd BrainAmbitious, Clumsy, Loner
4GreyAthleteBodybuilderActive, Music Lover, Slob
5PlumFast Food, Doctor, EntertainerRenaissanceDance Machine, Genius, Non-committal
6OrangeCriminalPublic EnemyEvil, Glutton, Self-Assured
7PinkBusinessBest Selling AuthorCreative Neat, Unflirty
8PeachDetectiveJoke StarFoodie, Goofball, Lazy
9GreenTech GuruComputer WhizCheerful, Geek, Squeamish
10BlueCriticBig Happy FamilyFamily Oriented, Gloomy, Perfectionist

Not So Berry generation rules

There are also some other objectives that each generation must complete before you can move on. These generation rules are easier at first but become difficult with each new heir in The Sims 4.

Generation 1: Mint

  • Complete an Elements collection.
  • Your Sim needs to master both Mischief and Logic skills in their lifetime.

Generation 2: Rose

  • Convince someone to marry and leave them at the altar.
  • Only get married in your old age.
  • Your Sim should only have one heir, as in one child alone.

Generation 3: Yellow

  • Max out the Rocket Science and Handiness skills.
  • …and then enter the secret Oasis Springs lot in the game.
  • Learn wood sculpturing as a teen and finish at least 10 projects.
  • Have close ties with your Mint-colored grandparents.
  • Ditch all other friends.
  • Wait for your Mint grandparents to die before marrying.

Generation 4: Grey

  • Fail at least three different relationships before finding the love of your life.
  • The Sim you marry must have a Neat trait.
  • Make sure that you are close to all of your children.
  • Every Sunday needs to be a family movie night.
  • Master the Singing and Atletic skills.

Generation 5: Plum

  • Make sure that you get divorced after marrying a Sim.
  • …and then remarry the same Sim for a second chance.
  • Your Sims needs to live in three different worlds during his lifetime.
  • Master three different skills, one of which should be Dance.
  • Get a total of six other skills to at least level 8.

Generation 6: Orange

  • Force your Sim to grow up in a rundown apartment or house.
  • Make sure that you only have two twins for the entire sixth generation.
  • Your Sim should master Baking and Charisma skills in their lifetime. 

Generation 7: Pink

  • Find all postcards to complete the collection in your lifetime.
  • Your garden should always be well-maintained with beautiful flowers and a pond.

Generation 8: Peach

  • Convince a co-worker to marry you.
  • Purchase a musical instrument to learn and play.
  • Shift to a different world in your lifetime.
  • Master the Gourmet Cooking and Comedy skills in your lifetime.

Generation 9: Green

  • Must have about 5 good friends and 5 enemies.
  • Accept every invitation to parties with friends.
  • Must have 5 enemies and 5 good friends.

Generation 10: Blue

  • Woo your high school love to marry you.
  • Do not get divorced during your lifetime.
  • Do not fool around with any other women.
  • Convince your spouse to adopt one child.
  • Take out time to master Photography, Cooking, and Wellness skills.
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