How To Browse Intelligence In The Sims 4

The following guide will tell you how to become a Secret Agent and browse intelligence as a career path in The Sims 4.

The Sims 4 world helps you achieve some of the most desired jobs you can only dream of in the real world. The Sims 4 updates always come with new ideas to make the playing experience better for their players. You can indulge in conversations with your fellows and take on various tasks or jobs to make ends meet.

One such experience to have is the job of a Secret Agent. The job requires you complete one specific task for a particular time each day. The task is straightforward and related to acquiring intelligence.

So, this guide is crafted to explain how you can select the Secret Agent career and Browse Intelligence in The Sims 4.

How to become a Secret Agent in The Sims 4

The first step to browsing intelligence is the selection of the right job. You need to start your Secret Agent career, which combines an old law enforcement career with some updates, making the whole experience more exciting.

If you are ready to take on secret missions and learn about the people, head to your “Career Menu” and scroll through the jobs to find “Secret Agent”. However, you will work as an Agency Clerk at the start of your career, so you have to wait a while to become an undercover agent.

How to browse Intelligence at the start

You are going to Browse Intelligence after becoming the Agency Clerk. The task is very time-consuming, so ensure you manage your time well. Additionally, it is essential only to start the job when your Sim is not exhausted, as your command will be refused.

Start by buying a chair, desk and a computer from the “Electronics” menu. You can get the cheap ones if you are running low on cash. After setting up your computer, you can jump right into browsing intelligence.

Access the Web category from your computer and select “Browse the Intelligence Database” from the tasks. Remember, you can only browse intelligence using this particular method in The Sims 4.

You need to spend at least 2 hours of your in-game time on this activity, so the activity must be taken at the right time of the day. It is also suggested that you set your preferred mood to Focus, as you need to be entirely focused on advancing your Secret Agent career.

Choose a Secret Agent career path

You are not going to stay Agency Clerk for long. You get the option to choose between two paths after you level up in the Secret Agent career.

If you are into romance and what to flirt with others in the town, then Diamond Agent Branch is the right path to choose after leveling up. Your tasks in this particular role include flirting with different persons throughout the town. You need to work 15 hours three days a week in this role.

However, you are going to receive tons of financial benefits in this branch. After completing all the job tasks, you will become the Spy Captain in this branch.

The other Branch that you can opt for is the Villain Branch. This particular role requires you to develop your Mischief skill, and Charisma plays a significant role in this position. You need to reach level 6 in charisma at the end of your role in this branch.

Additionally, the working hours are the same as Diamond Branch, but here you do five days, but your shift time is reduced. In the end, you will become Moon Mercenary by following this job till the end.

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