The Sims 4 Infographic Shows Insane Amount of Sims Created So Far

The Sims 4 has been in the market for a year and fans have been really busy with it. To show us exactly how busy we have been with it, EA has shared an infographic.

Some of the details revealed by this infographic are really impressive. For instance, fans have created 93,000,000 Sims since the game was released.

EA says that is equal to the population of Spain, Sweden and Canada combined. Players have spent almost 28,000 years playing The Sims 4, which translates into 846,000 Sims years.

Top three most popular traits of Sims were:

1: Romantic – 7.4%
2: Cheerful – 6.8%
3: Active – 5.8%

During the course of a year, 27.5 million Sims got married, while only 1.7 million were divorced. According to EA, that is 6% divorce rate, 34% lower than the United States.

It’s sad, people are better at relationships is video games than in real life.

Moreover, as we know death is a part of life even in Sims 4, so many of them said their final goodbyes. In total, 5 million Sims passed away in a year. Sadly, 184,000 of these deaths were courtesy of Cow Plants.

Countries where most Sims came from was United States, Germany and United Kingdom. There are other minor details about Sims 4 which can be seen below:

EA Sims 4

How long have you played Sims 4?

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