The Sims 4 Conservationist Career Guide

This guide covers all the details about the Conversationalist Career in The Sims 4, including skills and traits, the best mods, and cheats.

After downloading the Island Living Expansion Pack, you can begin your career as a Conservationist in The Sims 4. This career gives you an option between two branches Environmental Manager or Marine Biologist. So, you can either select a political role or a scientific one.

This guide covers all the details you need about the Conversationalist Career, including skills and traits, career levels, list of best mods, and cheats.

How to Become a Conservationist in The Sims 4?

To start your career as a Conservationist, you must access your Sim’s smartphone, select the Careers option, and scroll down until you find the Conservationist Career.

You can choose to either Work from Home or Go to Work. Working from home requires the completion of certain tasks, but promotion is delayed until the next workday.

You can live in any world and still join the career, but since most of your work will be in Sulani (the world added in the expansion pack), it is recommended to move your Sim there.

Best Skills and Traits for a Conservationist

Knowing which skill to level up and which traits to choose when starting your career is essential to your progress.

The primary skill to focus on is Logic, which is needed to level up for the first 6 levels. If you wish to select the Environmental Management branch, Charisma is an important skill to focus on. Those selecting the Marine Biology track need to level up their fitness skills. Keeping that in mind, the best traits to choose would be:


Sims with this trait level up their Logic skill quicker.


These Sims will have greater energy which will help them gain Fitness skills quicker.

Child of the Ocean

This trait helps your Sim feel at ease near the sea and allows them to get closer to the people and animals nearby.

Loves Outdoors

This trait helps boost the happiness of your Sim when working outdoors.

Conservationist Career Levels and Job Ranks

After starting your Conservationist career, you will complete 6 levels before being given a choice between two branches. After which, you can choose either the Marine Biologist or the Environmental manager branch. The details of the first 6 levels are given below.

Level Job Salary
1 Wildlife Enthusiast $14/hour
2 Field Assistant $18/hour
3 Land Surveyor $25/hour
4 Wildlife Technician $37/hour
5 Nature Historian $43/hour
6 Conservation Director $62/hour

 Environmental Manager Career Levels and Job Ranks

Upon completing the sixth level in your Conservationist Career, you are given a choice between two branches. The first is Environmental Manager, and its levels, jobs, and salaries are given below.

Level Job Salary
7 Conservation Regulator $127/hour
8 Sustainability Specialist $178/hour
9 Environmental Ambassador $231/hour
10 Chief Sustainability Officer $340/hour


After completing level 10 of the Environmental Manager Branch, you are rewarded with the Speaker Bonus trait and a special camera.

Marine Biologist Career Levels and Job Ranks

The second branch of the Conservationist Career is Marine Biologist. Details of its levels, jobs, and salaries are given below.

Level Job Salary
7 Ocean Observer $87/hour
8 Fisheries Specialist $130/hour
9 Aquatic Ecologist $208/hour
10 Master of Marine Affairs $325/hour

 After completing level 10 of the Marine Biology Branch, you are rewarded with the Master of the Seas trait and a new wetsuit.

Best Mods for Playing Conservationist

Scarlet’s Island Events Notification Enabled

This mod gives pop-up notifications and alerts of ongoing events. So, as you level up your Conservationist Career, this mod ensures you don’t miss any Island Living events.

MC Command Center

This is one of the best Sims 4 mods, as it allows you to adjust multiple aspects of your game. With this mod, you can alter your age, story progression, dressing, etc., so it can be extremely helpful for managing your conservationist career.

Conservationist Cheats

If you want to accelerate your progress, you can use certain cheats. You can access the Cheat Console by pressing Ctrl + Shift + C. Mac users should press Command + Shift + C.

Players on consoles must simultaneously press all four shoulder buttons on their controllers to access the Cheat Console.

Activate cheats by entering Testingcheats True or enabling Testingcheats on the Cheat Console. Type careers. promote Conservationist for instant promotion.

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