How To Pay Bills In The Sims 4

Just like in the real world, you have to manage and pay your bills in The Sims 4. This guide will tell you how.

You have to pay your bills in The Sims 4 just like in real life. You cannot expect to keep running up electricity and water bills every month without paying your dues.

The following guide will tell you how to clear your bills in The Sims 4. You will also get to know what happens if you stop paying your bills in the game.

How to pay your bills in The Sims 4

There are two ways to pay your bills in The Sims 4. Something else to know is that you will receive your bills every week instead of every month. Each bill will give you a breakdown of your electricity expenses, water, and more.

Use the Mailbox

Paying the bills using the Mailbox is one of the simplest ways of doing so. It requires nothing but selecting the sim, adult or children, and fetching the bills by checking the mailbox for letters.

When the sim gets its hands on a bill, a notification will appear on the screen showing the total amount due in Simoleons.

It’s a no-brainer that if you have sent the child, they will not be able to pay the bill because of limited authority. They, however, can only bring back the bill to the adult.

On the other hand, the adult will be able to pay the bill as long as they have an equal amount of credit in their account. If you are struggling to make ends meet, you can earn money through various means in Sims 4.

Use a Phone or Computer

The second way to pay the bill in Sim 4 is by using digital means: Phone or Computer. First thing is to get ahold of the device and navigate to the home screen menu.

Inside the pay bills tab, you can see all the bills due along with the amount in Simoleans. Simply select the bill from the list that you want to pay, and it will get paid electronically as long as you have the required amount of credit in your account.  

What happens if you stop paying bills in The Sims 4

Managing the bills is one hell of an important thing to keep the tap and lights running. The Sims 4 will give every sim a maximum of 48 hours to get their bills sorted and paid. Otherwise, their utilities will be shut off for good.

If this behavior continues, the sims could be facing a refusal to do repairs from the landlord. They could also face their house being repossessed by the previous owner, but it is only possible in severe cases.

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