Square Enix Announces A New IP Titled The Quiet Man, Possibly Featuring A Deaf Protagonist And Hand-to-Hand Combat

One of the new titles that Square Enix brought to E3 2018 is titled The Quiet Man. The trailer for The Quiet Man began with a cityscape that later transitioned into a live action clip showing a guy fighting some thugs in a dark alley.

The rendered gameplay (that you can check out attached above) showcases hand-to-hand fighting in a fairly close third-person POV. Another interesting thing that really intrigued me is the fact that the trailer implies having a deaf protagonist.

The little we saw did not have much to go on but we are promised more details come August 2018. The Quiet Man is scheduled to release on PS4 and Steam. There is no information on whether the game will land on Xbox One or not but we will make sure to let you know as soon as we learn anything.

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