How To Play The Quarry Online (Multiplayer)

The Quarry has released its multiplayer mode allowing you to play online. The process is simple. Here's how to do it.

The Quarry has finally received its much-anticipated multiplayer mode following a post-launch update. The Quarry is designed to be played multiple times.

With the addition of multiplayer, you can experience the story in a whole new way as other players’ choices will affect how the story unfolds. The following guide will explain all the online and local multiplayer modes of the Quarry.

Local Multiplayer Mode in the Quarry Explained

There is more than one multiplayer mode available in The Quarry. The first one is an offline local co-op mode. This allows seven players to take part in The Quarry. Each player is assigned one character to control. If fewer players are in the group, one player may be assigned more than one character to control.

Once all roles and characters have been defined, you can pass the controller to each group member whenever their respective counselor becomes the current playable character.

How Does Online Multiplayer Mode Work in the Quarry?

The second multiplayer mode in the Quarry (The Wolf Pack mode) builds on the standard local co-op experience. The Online Multiplayer mode allows your friends to watch your gameplay. The friends watching can cast their votes after the key decisions arise.

In this mode, the invited players cannot play or take part as individual characters, but they have the power to vote at every important point of the game. The host plays the whole game. The highest number of votes decides what to unfold.

This is an invite-only mode and allows seven friends to play together.

How Does Wolf Pack Mode Work?

In the Wolf Package, the requirement to play together is having the same generation of console or PC, which means that Cross-play does not work. Besides this, each player must have a copy of the game. Make these arrangements before you play with your friends in online multiplayer mode.

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