How To Set Up Movie Mode In The Quarry

The Quarry has a movie mode where you can sit back and just watch the whole game play out without you having to touch the controller. It gets even better because there are different types of movie modes and you can choose the type based on your own preferences.

The following guide will explain what each movie mode does and how to get the best experience out of The Quarry.

The Quarry Movie Modes Explained

There are four movie modes at the moment with one only available as part of the Deluxe Edition. Do note that you need to play the movie mode once to unlock the Creature Feature achievement in The Quarry if you are going for a 100% completion.

You can access the movie mode from the main menu after you beat the game. From there, just choose one of the modes below to start your movie experience.

Everyone Lives Mode

This mode ensures that all nine playable characters in The Quarry survive the nightmarish events of the night. You are hence guaranteed to unlock the happy ending of the game since all of the characters will choose the right dialogues and make the right decisions to keep them safe.

Everyone Dies Mode

This mode is the complete opposite of the aforementioned happy mode. All of the characters in the game will make sure to choose the wrong dialogue choices that lead to their deaths. This mode is also one way of unlocking the worst ending in The Quarry where everyone dies.

Director’s Chair Mode

As the name of the mode suggests, you are the one who decides how each character behaves in the storyline. You will begin by setting different parameters and traits for all nine characters. These parameters will dictate how the characters behave in different situations: whether they run or stay back, etc, which ultimately dictates their decisions and dialogue choices.

Gorefest Movie Mode

If you want to amplify the gore and bloodshed of the game, this mode is the way to go. It basically ensures that all nine characters make the exact dialogue choices that lead to their most brutal and goriest deaths in The Quarry.

The Gorefest Movie mode is currently only available as part of the Deluxe Edition of the game. That being said, it should roll out later on for everyone else. There is little point in keeping it locked with the Deluxe Edition.

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