How To Kill All Hacketts In The Quarry

Some of the creepy Hackett family members will meet their end as the story of The Quarry concludes. However, you...

Some of the creepy Hackett family members will meet their end as the story of The Quarry concludes. However, you can make sure that all seven Hackettmembers are dead by the end. That may sound morbid but is necessary to unlock the “Family Matters” achievement in the game.

Killing the entire family will not be easy. That is why the following guide will make sure you have no problem killing all of the Hacketts in The Quarry.

How To Kill Every Hackett In The Quarry

How To Kill Kaylee

Kaylee is the first one to die in the storyline, and her death is unavoidable no matter what happens.

Kaylee dies at the end of Chapter 5 when she attacks the counselors in her wolf form. Laura will shoot her thinking that the creature is Chris and not Kaylee. Later on, Kaylee’s body will be found in the pool.

How To Kill Constance

The next one to die in The Quarry will be Constance. She can be killed off at the start of Chapter 9 when she and Laura are fighting over a shotgun.

You will need to win the QTE in order to get the shotgun and kill Constance.

How To Kill Jedediah

Right after you win against Constance, you will be jumped by Jedediah. Evade him and subsequently fight him.

Winning all the QTEs will prompt you to either attack Jedediah or flee from him. Attack him and then complete the QTEs to kill him.

How To Kill Bobby

Taking down Bobby is difficult as he is quite strong. To prepare to takedown Bobby, make sure to give Ryan a weapon. Then, once Bobby comes in looking for him, hide in the cabinet and make sure to complete all the QTEs successfully.

When you get the chance, hide in the crawlspace which will prompt some more QTEs. Ryan will eventually collapse, resulting in getting cornered by Bobby.

Stab Bobby next time you find him. This will not kill him but will leave him vulnerable to stave off future attacks, resulting in death when he gets attacked by Chris’ werewolf.

How To Kill Chris

The only chance to kill Chris in the whole story comes when Laura and Ryan find him in his wolf form, chained up. He will escape and start attacking everyone. Ryan can shoot him here to kill him and free him from the curse.

How To Kill Caleb

When Kaitlyn returns to the Lodge, she will face Caleb in a showdown as the werewolf descends the chimney. If Abigail is still alive and discovers the silver shotgun, she will try to get Kaitlyn’s attention by banging on the door.

Make sure you complete the QTEs successfully here, as failing at any stage will result in Kaitlyn’s death. The next sequence will be finding the silver ammunition for the shotgun. When Kaitlyn sees Caleb again, shoot him as he will rush at you.

How To Kill Travis

The final remaining member of the Hackett family, Travis, can be killed either by Laura and Ryan or by getting attacked by Silas.

If Laura shoots him during Chapter 7, Travis will kill her when she returns to human form after Chris is killed. Then Ryan must defend himself from Travis and then eventually kill him.

Alternatively, if Laura uses the syringe to kill Travis, he will bring them to hunt down Silas.

If Silas dies, everyone, he has bitten will have their curse removed. Silas will start attacking everyone and if you fail your QTEs, everyone will die including Travis himself.

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