How To Do QTEs In The Quarry

The Quarry is an interactive story-driven horror adventure where you take turns controlling different characters in a bid to survive...

The Quarry is an interactive story-driven horror adventure where you take turns controlling different characters in a bid to survive the night.

There will be moments during the unraveling narrative where you must make a choice that may affect your character development and branch out the storyline.

Something else that will branch out the storyline is your ability to survive Quick Time Events (QTEs) in the game.

These are sequences (or mini-games) that ask you to hit a specific button/key or a certain input command containing multiple buttons/keys. QTEs last for only a few seconds but determine which path your storyline will take.

The following guide will help you understand and do QTEs in The Quarry.

How To Do QTEs In The Quarry

Compared to most games out there, The Quarry has fairly simple QTE mechanics. You will mostly be using both of the analog sticks throughout the narrative, something which the game itself will teach you beforehand.

During a QTE in The Quarry, you may see either the left or the right analog stick on your screen. The analog stick will use geometric shapes to ask you to do a specific input command.

For example, an analog stick may show a larger circle closing in on a smaller circle. This denotes the timing of your input. When the larger circle reaches the center, the analog stick will show a directional arrow. You need to face your analog stick in that specific direction during the allotted time to win the QTE.

Just remember that the analog stick shows up as a button in The Quarry. PlayStation players might easily confuse it as a circle (O) button on their DualSense/DualShock controllers.

Furthermore, there will be times when a QTE jumps at you out of nowhere. These random moments may catch you off-guard. Missing a QTE might have unforeseen consequences. You could end up killing one of the characters.  Hence, always be ready to shift your analog sticks while playing The Quarry.

Simple QTE

If the regular QTEs are too much for you to handle or you just want a more casual experience, you can turn on the Simple QTE setting from the accessibility menu. If Simple QTE is enabled, pressing any button will work and the QTE will not fail.

Another way to make the QTEs easier is by increasing the Choice Timer. When the Choice Timer is increased, players have more time to make the correct decision when it matters most. If you require an indefinite length of time, pause the game and take your time to make the correct input.

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