The Quarry How To Kill Everyone

Every choice and action matters in The Quarry. What you do (or say) will eventually result in either the safety...

Every choice and action matters in The Quarry. What you do (or say) will eventually result in either the safety or death of every character in the game. Hence, you can potentially end up killing all the characters in The Quarry by choosing the right dialogue options.

Killing everyone in The Quarry will get you the ‘Hackett’s Quarry Massacre’ trophy while also being the game’s worst ending. In this guide, we will list how to kill everyone in the Quarry.

How To Kill Everyone In The Quarry For The Worst Ending

Chapter 4: How To Kill Jacob

Abigail will scream for help when swimming with Jacob and Emma. Choosing either the ‘Dive In’ or ‘Help Abi’ option can lead to Jacob’s death.

If Jacob dives in to recover the rotor arm and you choose the Pull option 2 times in quick succession, he will drown and die.

If you choose to help Abigail, later on at the bonfire, when playing as Ryan, choose these dialogue options to kill Jacob: Shoot Gun, Insistent, Shoot gun.

Chapter 4: How To Kill Emma

When you are at the treehouse as Emma, you will get options to either ‘Search Bag’ or ‘Open Trapdoor’. Choose the latter option to kill Emma.

Chapter 6: How To Kill Abigail

When the group finds Kaylee’s corpse, you will be playing as Abigail. Comfort Nick in the Pool House where he will get aggressive with her and smack her against the wall.

Abigail will find a weapon, giving her the option to either shoot Nick or don’t do anything.

Choosing the latter option will result in Abigail’s death as Nick will transform and decapitate her.

Chapter 8: How To Kill Nick

Nick will be captured and thrown into a cage after he is caught in his transformed, monstrous state at the pool house. When Ryan enters the room with the cages, Laura will take out her weapon at Nick while not knowing that the werewolf is actually Nick.

You will have the option to stop Laura. If you do not do so, Laura will use silver bullets to shoot and kill Nick.

Chapter 9: How To Kill Dylan

At the Scrapyard, when playing as Dylan, choose these dialogue options: Warn Kaitlyn, Sound Horn. Then fail the QTE which will cause the monster to start attacking Dylan and killing him.

Chapter 9: How To Kill Ryan

When Laura and Ryan fall from the attic, a monster will attack Ryan. Ryan will pick up a shotgun nearby. Shoot the Monster which will kill it. However, Travis will arrive and stab Laura (because of Laura choosing to shoot Travis in Chapter 7).

Travis will then attack Ryan. Choosing these options will result in Ryan’s death: ‘Aggressive, Fail QTE’.

Chapter 9: How To Kill Laura

In the same scene as Ryan’s death, Laura will be killed by Travis as he will stab her as an act of revenge for shooting him during Chapter 7.

Chapter 10: How To Kill Max

After Ryan shoots the monster in Chapter 9, the curse on Max will be lifted and you will be able to play as him. When playing as Max, walk to the end of the island and choose the ‘Swim to Shore’ option. Max will be killed by a monster when he arrives at the shore.

Chapter 10: How To Kill Kaitlyn

Kaitlyn will be attacked by a monster in the lodge. Keep choosing the wait options and do not shoot the monster. This will result in Kaitlyn getting ripped apart by the monster and dying.

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