The Overwatch Uprising Event Is Returning In April, Fight In King’s Row Again

The Overwatch Uprising event is returning in April, and players will be able to get all of the rewards from it when it begins on April 10.

Players that didn’t get a chance to take part in the Overwatch Uprising event are getting another chance when April rolls around, as Blizzard is once again putting the event into the game to give players a chance at over a hundred different cosmetic items as they play through the mission.

The Uprising event tells of a pivotal event in the game’s backstory, when London, more specifically King’s Row, was attacked by the Omnic terrorist organization Null Sector. The city was heavily damaged in the attack, and Overwatch, going against orders, sent in an elite team to deal with the uprising. This team included Tracer (on her very first mission), Mercy, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn.

In the Overwatch Uprising event, players will have to work together in order to survive huge hordes of Null Sector omnics as they accomplish various objectives, ranging from getting from point A to point B, protecting an EMP bomb as it charges, and then moving it forward to a place where it can wipe out all of the Null Sector troops at once.

However, that may not be entirely true. Blizzard originally launched the King’s Row event back in January of 2017, and when the event concluded promised that it would eventually return after Blizzard had had the chance to evolve it somewhat. The event may be entirely different when it plays again.

Either way, players who didn’t get a chance to play the event, or veterans of the event that want to play King’s Row again, will be able to jump into the event on April 10, when the event comes out. There’s also no telling of when the event will end, so if you want any of the rewards that the Overwatch Uprising event has to offer you should try and do it as soon and as often as you can.

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