The Outer Worlds Unique Armor Guide

Armor is a vital component in The Outer Worlds since it helps you protect yourself from foes while also providing...

Armor is a vital component in The Outer Worlds since it helps you protect yourself from foes while also providing you with extra benefits that can give you an edge in battle. Certain armor pieces are unique in their abilities and how you get them. These Unique Armors are worth collecting so we’ve listed every piece in The Outer Worlds as well as how to obtain certain ones.

The Outer Worlds Unique Armor

Below is a list of all the unique body and head armor pieces that provide you bonus stats to attributes while giving basic armor protection as well.

A Nice Hat (Head Armor)
This hat provides you with a +5 boost in leadership skills and +7 in persuasion.  You can obtain it from the top of a skeleton inside the OSI building by the south ruins of Stellar Bay.

Certified Explorer’s Hat (Head Armor)
This fashionable piece is perfect for when you go exploring the unknown. It provides you with +5 Perception.

Chimaera (Body Armor)
This armor gives the same amount of protection as other standard heavy armors but has a very elegant design thanks to Celeste Jolicoeur. It also provides Dialog +10.

Defective MoonMan Helmet (Head Armor)
As the name suggests, this is pretty problematic and wearing it increases your temperament by 1 point.

Hemlock’s Eyepatch (Head Armor)
This lightweight casual headwear is stylish and increases the damage you can do while sneaking by 10%.

Iconoclast Apostle (Head Armor)
This piece was made specifically for an Apostle and provides you with a boost in melee damage. You can get it by completing The Commuter on Monarch.

MSI Elite Armor (Body Armor)
This heavy armor is worn by members of MSI’s Saltuna Elite squad and increases your ranged weapon skill by 5 points.  There also mods you can equip with this to give it more perks. For example the Toughened mod boosts your Physical Armor Rating by 5 points.

Purpleberry Police Helmet (Head Armor)
You can obtain this helmet from Cascadia in Rizzo’s lab. It lets you get -10% off the cost of bribes.

Reed’s Hat (Head Armor)
This hat used to belong to Reed Tobson and wearing it gives you +7 Dialog.

Safecracker’s Jacket (Body)
This isn’t exactly a protective armor piece but this outfit gives you a boost to your lockpicking skill.

Sublight Contractor Helm (Head Armor)
This lightweight helmet gives a +25% damage boost to against creatures and has a cool steampunk aesthetic that looks real good when wearing it. It doesn’t provide the most adequate protection though.

SugarOps Armor (Body Armor)
This is a great choice for its defensive capabilities alone but it has also got a few extra perks to offer. It gives +10% to N-ray damage at the cost of -5% plasma damage.

Welder’s Goggles (Head Armor)
These give you +15% to engineering with +1 to perception since your vision is limited. You can obtain these by completing Happiness is a Warm Spaceship.

MSI Elite Helmet (Head Armor)
You will be able to get this head armor by completing BOLT-52 quest for Sanjar in Roseway. It has a -10% Ranged Weapon Spread.

Researcher’s Mask (Head Armor)
You will be able to get this from a locked room at the back of the HRS-1084 satellite. It will give you +30% duration to the bleeding effect.

SugarOps Helmet (Head Armor)
This head armor is received as a quest reward from completing the quest The Commuter.

Iconoclast Apostle (Body Armor)
This will be obtained from a container in the relay station on Monarch when you’re completing the quest, Sucker Bait. The relay station is the one that’s sealed. It will grant you +5 Melee

Raptidon Handler’s Armor (Body Armor)
This is medium armor, with the anodized, electrocharged, surface and nightingale step modifications. You will find it in a locker inside the Roseway Luxury Apartment. It will grant you +5 Dialog.

Sublight VP Armor (Body Armor)
This is light armor, with Laminated and Silver Tongue Kit modifications. You can acquire this if you kill Dr. Eva Chartrand during the quest The Chimerist’s Last Experiment, after which you will have to talk to Lilya Hagen. It will offer you +10 Intimidate

Not all of these provide the best armor but come with other benefits or just look really cool when you wear them so it’s worth getting them. We hope this guide has been useful