The Outer Worlds Space Crime Continuum Quest Guide

The Outer Worlds has several Faction Quests which players can choose to complete, to acquire unique rewards – including XP and reputation with the respective Faction. One of these Faction Quests in The Outer Worlds is called the Space-Crime Continuum. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete this quest, step by step.

The Outer Worlds Space Crime Continuum

The quest objectives will have players traveling to multiple places so for easy tracking, we have listed them below before starting the main walkthrough section.

Retrieve the Missing Passcode – Retrieve the info from Lilya’s agent in on the salvage, and then bring it to Fallbrook, to Catherine Malin.

Enter the Secret Lab in Cascadia – Cascadia has a deserted lab, which has a ton of Alta-Vitae gas. To get in, remember the passcode ‘Antediluvian’.

Signal the Unreliable –  To transport the Alta-Vitae gas off-world, ADA needs to be signaled using the message terminal present in the Cascadia lab.

Setup a Link to the Refueling System – The Alta-Vitae must be pumped into the fuel tank of the Unreliable. To do this, the ship must be linked to Cascadia’s refueling system. The terminal required to do this is present in Cascadia’s R&D Labs. To deal with the mantisaurs in the lab, Catherine recommends using the ventilation system.

Siphon the Gas – You must siphon the gas as quickly as possible to transport the gas off-world.

Return to Lilya – Lilya will be content once you bring the goods to her at Sublight Headquarters, on the Groundbreaker.

Subsequent to gaining access to Stellar Bay, this quest can be obtained by taking the job with Lilya Hagen on the Groundbreaker.

Head to Stellar Bay and get to the docks, through the factory. Here, you’ll find a body which you can obtain a passcode from. Now, head south, towards Fallbrook, and search for Catherine.

When you find her, don’t be rude. If you want to increase your reputation with Sublight, be as polite as possible. Now, have a chat with her regarding the quest.

You now have to make the choice of who comes with you, and if you want to go the plasma route or the hack route. Do note that you are allowed to do this mission on your own, if you want. Before you leave, Catherine will present you an optional job, called the “Slaughterhouse Clive”.

Now, travel west, to Cascadia. Here, use the password on the terminal which you obtained from the body; this will unlock the closed door. Get to the Rizzo Secret Lab using the elevator and go through the second door so you can use a different terminal to summon your ship.

Go to the room with the Manti-family enemies and go up and ladder to reach the terminal. Here, align the fuel pumps to start obtaining the Alta-Vitae gas.

After that, get to the room which hosts the computer equipment and another terminal. This terminal must be used to link the storage tanks. Here, you will run into an error which can be fixed by using Hack 60. This will finish this section of the quest and net you 1,000 XP. You are also allowed to use the plasma method (which is a bit risky).

While inside this lab, head towards the left and look to your right, you’ll see a gap here. Jump across and you will get to ladder.

Jump again and you will see another ladder. Here, you’ll find the body of a scientist and a safe which has the Mind Control Ray. This will be used for the quest ‘Weapons from the Void’.

Once all that is done, use the elevator to Cascadia and fight off the Manti-family enemies in your way. Go inside the Customs building and acquire the Purpleberry Police Helmet from the box.

Once you have that, get to your ship, which is on the landing pad above you, and tell Lilya that you’ve obtained the Alta-Vitae gas. This will reward you with 20,000 XP and 2188BC, and your reputation with Sublight will significantly increase. Also, you’ll be assigned another job, called ‘The Ice Palace’.

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