The Outer Worlds Space Crime Continuum Quest Guide

Learn how to start and complete the Space Crime Continuum quest in The Outer Worlds with the help of our comprehensive guide

The Outer Worlds has several Faction Quests which players can choose to complete, to acquire unique rewards – including XP and reputation with the respective Faction. One of these Faction Quests in The Outer Worlds is called the Space-Crime Continuum. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete this quest, step by step.

The Outer Worlds Space Crime Continuum Faction Quest

Players can choose to do various Faction Quests in the Outer Worlds to earn unique prizes such as XP and reputation with their chosen Faction.

Space Crime Continuum is a Faction Quest in The Outer Worlds in which you have to recover a cache of Atla-Vitae gas from a hidden lab and deliver it to Lilya. A step-by-step walkthrough of the Space-Crime Continuum faction quest is given below.

Talk to Lilya at Groundbreaker

The Space-Crime Continuum faction quest is acquired from Lilya once you have completed the Salvager in the Sky faction quest. Lilya will be at Groundbreaker in the Sublight Office. Talking to her will start the Space-Crime Continuum quest.

Get the Passcode at Stellar Bay

Once you are done talking with Lilya, head to the Stellar Bay. But before you go, take Ellie or Nyoka with you as they have experience with Sublight. You can also take one of Sam, Max or Parvati.

Exit the Unreliable and ride down to Stellar Bay after flying to Monarch and landing at the Stellar Bay Landing Pad. Head south from the elevator to the Yacht Club, then west to the enormous bay door on the right that leads to the Saltuna Warehouse.

Go north through the warehouse and out via another enormous bay door to get to the fishing docks. Turn left and look behind some crates for a SubLight Agent’s corpse for a Bloody Note. That note will contain a Passcode.

Give the Passcode to Catherine

Now fast travel to Fallbrook and follow the Green marker to meet Catherine. Catherine will be at Malin’s House of Hospitality.

Catherine will be right past the two Sublight Thugs if you head inside the Malin’s House of Hospitality. Talk to her about the mission and tell her about the passcode note.

She will tell you about details like how to reach the hidden lab, how to siphon the gas, etc. She will mark the location of the secret lab as well for you.

Get to the Rizzo’s Hidden Lab at Cascadia

Cascadia will be full of Marauders and Mantisaurs. Try to avoid them on your way to the secret lab. If not, eliminate them with the help of your companions and keep moving towards the location.

Interact with the computer like the terminal in the general store-like building and initiate the supervisor override. You have to enter the Passcode that you discovered from the corpse. After that, take the elevator to the same building.

Signal ADA to bring the Ship

Get out of the elevator, and you will see a locked door right in front of you. Go right from there, and you will see another door next to the vending machine.

Interact with it and choose Disengage security protocols. After that, choose the first option and get inside the room.

You will see another door. Open it to find the terminal. Interact with the terminal and choose ‘Signal ADA to land on the Cascadian Pad.’ Then choose the first option and then exit the terminal.

Get to the Flavor R&D Lab

There will be a door at the left of the terminal. Open the door and keep moving forward until you see some Mantisaurs. Eliminate all of them with the help of your companions and go up the ladder.

Interact with the terminal on your right side and choose ‘Align Fueling System.’ Then choose the only option available. Exit and head down.

Siphon the Gas into the Ship

You will see another door on your left once you go down the ladder. Behind the door will be more Mantisaurs.

Eliminate them, go to the opposite side of the room, and take a left. Eliminate the Mantisaurs there and head upstairs. Interact with the Terminal to Siphon the gas into the Ship.

Get Back to Lilya

After that, look for an Exit sign in the room. Use the elevator to go outside the building. Now get back to your Ship, which is landed on the Cascadian Pad.

Now head back to the Groundbreaker and head to Lilya’s place to talk to her. This will conclude the Space-Crime Continuum Faction Quest. Lilya will also give you another quest named The Ice Palace.

For completing this quest, you will get 20000 XP, 2188 Bit Cartridge sand Sublight Salvage, and Shipping Reputation Up.

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