The Outer Worlds Slaughterhouse Clive Quest Guide

Learn how to successfully finish the Slaughterhouse Clive mission in The Outer Worlds and affect a factory's production chain

Slaughterhouse Clive is a side quest in The Outer Worlds. Side quests are optional to the players and if the player wishes to complete them, they are rewarded with special items, XP or reputation. This quest can be started by talking to Catherine Malin at Fallbrook in Monarch. In this guide, we will tell you how to complete this side quest easily and earn yourself some nice rewards.

The Outer Worlds Slaughterhouse Clive

When you talk to Catherine, she will tell that she wants to take control of the Boarst factory owned by Clive and his profits. Agree to help her to begin the quest.

Make your way to the C&P Boarst Factory. It is located southwest of Forlorn Crossroads. To enter the factory, you will need a Boarst Factory ID. You can obtain one from Duncan Elley in Fallbrook. Use either Persuade, Intimidate or Lie to get the ID.

If you get the ID, just walk to the front door of the factory. You will be greeted by a guard who you will have to lie, persuade or intimidate to pass through here. Then head for the large door at the back to make it into the factory.

If you do not manage to get the ID, you can enter the factory through the Factory Sewer Entrance, which is located at the bottom of the waterfall southeast of the factory’s main entrance. You will need a lockpicking level of 35 to open the door here.

After you are inside the factory, proceed upstairs and go to the door in the next room. Head down the stairwell and then to the large door on the right. Make your way onto the conveyor belt, jump over to the ladder and climb up. You will find a terminal that can tamper the production rate if you have the required level of Engineering (55). Make your way through the pipes to enter into the office where you will find Clive.

You will have two choices here. Either make a deal with him or kill him. Killing him will grant you 21,000 XP,2,199 Bits and Unique Armor as quest rewards. If you try to deal with him, you will try to get him and Catherine to work together. He will hesitate but you can use medical (55) to convince him. If successful, it will net you 7000 XP.

Then you can persuade him to let you kill Catherine, which will begin the quest A Cysty-Dance with Death. For easy access to Clive from now on, pickpocket him to obtain his office key.

If you do not kill either of them, speak to Catherine and either lie (100) or persuade (50) her to work for with him for 1,300 XP. You can talk to her again and again to gain an additional 28,000 XP,2,188 Bits and Unique Armor. But this will result in failure of the quest A Cysty-Dance with Death. Rewards for completing the quest are given below:

  • Quest Unlock: A Cysty-Dance with Death
  • 28000 XP
  • 2188 Bit Cartridge
  • Oxi-Comp Aromatic
  • SubLight Contractor Helm
  • Salvage & Shipping Reputation Up
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