The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon Walkthrough

In our The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon walkthrough guide, we’ll explain how to complete all of the 9 quests...

In our The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon walkthrough guide, we’ll explain how to complete all of the 9 quests in Peril on Gorgon DLC for the Outer Worlds, along with all the enemies that you’ll face along the way.

The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon Walkthrough

These main quests of Peril on Gorgon add to the storyline and they should be completed in order to progress through the game.

The Ones Who Walk Away from Gorgon

The quest will appear when you are interacting with the Parcel Runner.

Head outside the command room and keep heading forward until you come across the package on your right.

Once you open the package, a cutscene would follow.

After the cutscene, follow the marker and head downstairs, back into the command room.

Head over to Ambrose Manor on Gorgon. Once you’ve landed at Ambrose Manor, exit the ship and head towards the elevator right in front of you.

The elevator will take you down after you configure its control panel on the right.

Once you’re down, there’ll be a mansion towards your left. It does not have anything to do with the storyline, however, you’ll find several collectibles there, including Groundskeeper’s Journal.

Once you’re done looting the mansion, follow the marker into another building in front of you.

Head inside and look for bins on either side of the corridor. The corridor will lead you into a hall.

You’ll find a Terminal on the right towards the end of the hall.

Make your way upstairs. You can look for collectibles in other rooms, but the room you’re looking for is in front of you.

Inside, you’ll find Wilhelmina Ambrose, interact with her.

Follow the marker back to Unreliable, and fly to Gorgon Landing Pad. After you land, exit the ship and head down the ramp. There is a bin beneath the ramp.

Move towards the right and you’ll come across an elevator. Use it to move up. once you’re up, move to your left and you’ll find a door to Sprat Shack on your right.

Head inside and have yourself inspected by.

After you’re cleared and authorized to move forward, head down the elevator in front of you. Downstairs, you’ll find Lex, talk to her.

After you’re done, find stairs on your back and head to the top floor. There’ll be a door on your left. head inside to find Lucky’s Case Notes on the center table.

There are also a few other collectibles in the room as well as some other elements that you can inspect.

Now, you can access the safe at the end of the room. Exit Sprat Shack, turn right and follow the illuminated trail.

There’ll be several bins and collectibles on either side of the trail. If you come across a crashed ship, you’re on the right path.

There’ll be a huge elevator on your right, use it, and go up.

Once you’re up you’ll face antagonists. Aim for their heads and use more powerful weapons if pistol doesn’t do the trick.

In the room right in front of you, you’ll find Jerome’s Journal.

Head back, and down the elevator again. Keep following the illuminated path towards your right. Up ahead, you’ll come across the Office of Creative Incubation.

Enter the office using the first option that pops up and head down the corridor to enter the main hall. In the center of the hall, you’ll find a Terminal.

Use the Terminal to unlock the Lavatory Door. Head to the right, take two more rights and you’ll come across a door. Enter the door and head upstairs.

On this floor, you’ll find several antagonists such as Marauder Berserker, Marauder Colossus, Marauder Crack Shot, Marauder Plunderer, Marauder Drug Drone, Mechanical Sentry, and Combat Drone.

Follow the marker and keep heading upstairs. You’ll soon find yourself in a huge office. In the office, you’ll find a Terminal.

Use it to unlock the Synthesis and Manufactory Center.

The marker will lead you upstairs to OCI Upper Exterior. Once you are outside, you’ll come across Marauder Crack Shot and Marauder Berserker.

Transmission Tower Alpha is located at the end of the trail. Use the Terminal inside to locate facility staff. This will complete the quest.

Mostly Harmless

You’ll have to go to the Musgrave Collection. Head back to Unreliable. On your left, you’ll see a crashed ship.

You can use it to climb down. Here you’ll face Marauder Plunderer, Marauder Crack Shot, Marauder Colossus, and Marauder Berserker.

Once you’re inside the ship, fly to Byzantium Freight Port Landing Pad on Terra 2. Exit the ship and use the elevator to go up.

Head down the path and up a couple of stairs to reach Musgrave Family Collection.

Talk to Nina Prescott and keep heading forward. Enter Prep Room on the left of Revue Hall and talk to Clarence Mostly.

Once you’re done talking, exit the room and talk to Tilda Coatsworth.

Follow the marker and use the elevator to go down. Downstairs you’ll run into Mechanical Sentry.

You’ll also find an Installation Log on the floor. Head up the elevator to retrieve the trophy.

Now, go back and talk to Clarence Mostly again to complete the quest.

A Clockwork Mock Apple

For this quest, you’ll have to travel to Auxiliary Maintenance Bay on the Groundbreaker.

After a long talk with Clarence Mostly, exit the Musgrave Family Collection and make your way back to the ship.

Fly to Auxiliary Maintenance Bay on the Groundbreaker. Exit the ship and head down the path.

You’ll be intercepted by Gardener Lookout. It’s better that you find a non-violent way out of the argument.

Head up straight to enter Marion Blakeslee’s Residence. Here you’ll run into a few Combat Drones and Mechanical Sentry.

Talk to Dr. Marion Blakeslee to complete the objective.

Starship Hunters

Head back to your ship and get to Olympus Orbital Pharmaceutical Station on Olympus.

Exit the ship, and here you’ll find yourself up against Freebooter Tosser, Tamed Canid, Freebooter Goalie, Freebooter 1st Back, and Freebooter Hacker.

Talk to Coach Stilley and steal his Credentials. With those credentials, you’ll be given access to the room that has a Terminal.

Navigate through the Terminal to disable the tracking device.

Talk to ADA to complete the quest.

The Man in High Orbit

Exit the ship to step on to Olympus Orbital Pharmaceutical Station.

You’ll run into Mechanical Sentry, Mechanical Guardian MK1, Combat Drone, and Technician Mechanical.

Keep following the marker and talk to Dr. Jasper Low. Head out, and use the elevator to reach the Turbine Controls.

When you’re up top, activate Electromechanical Turbine. Soon after, you’ll encounter Technician Mechanical, Combat Drone, Mechanical Guardian MK1, and Mechanical Sentry.

Follow the markers and pull a few more levers before returning to the Terminal and successfully activating the turbine.

Follow the same path and return to Dr. Jasper Low. Talk to him to complete the quest.

We, in Spacer’s Choice’s Employ

Head back to your ship and get to Gorgon Landing Pad again.

Head down the path till you come across an elevator on your right.

Head up an continue down the path. On your way, you’ll have to fight Marauder Plundered, Marauder Crack Shot, Marauder Berserker, and Marauder Colossus.

Enter the Human Inquiry and Auditing using HIA Passkey. Head upstairs while following the marker.

You’ll run into Savage Test Subject, Hysterical Test Subject, Test Subject Drug Drone, and Marauder Plunderer, Marauder Berserker, Marauder Colossus, Marauder Drug Drone,

Follow the marker to the elevator, and start going up to reach the administrative level.

When you exit the elevator, head to the door on the extreme left.

Access the terminal and override synthesis and manufactory center lockdown to complete the quest.

Experiment Perilous

Use the Aural Scanner and choose the first option that pops up to enter Compound Harvesting Enrichment and Molecularization Lab.

You’ll have to fight Primal Blight, Primal Miasma, and Primal Contagion on your way to the lab. This quest takes place on Gorgon.

Next, you’ll have to send Override Authorization to complete the quest.

On your way, you’ll find Mechanical Guardian MK2, Mechanical Sentry MK2, Scrap Mechanical, Primal Blight, Primal Contagion, and Primal Miasma.

The Red Tape of Command

Head out of the room, and exit HIA Facility using the door on the left. head back to the Gorgon Landing Pad.

From there, take the path on the left. head to the elevator and go up.

Head down the path and turn left. you’ll have to fight Canid Charger, Canid Sentinel, Canid Sparkler, Marauder Colossus, Marauder Plunderer, and Marauder Crack Shot.

Use the terminal to unseal the door and enter the Synthesis and Manufactory Center.

Inside you’ll have to fight PAM, Marauder Crack Shot, Marauder Berserker, Marauder Plunderer, and Marauder Colossus.

After a couple of stairs and elevators, you’ll reach the office on top. On the table, you’ll find Olivia’s Journal.

Head down the elevator and exit the building. Get back to your ship and talk to Wilhelmina Ambrose to complete the quest.

Ambrose Intersection

Stay on Gorgon Landing Pad, head down the same path, and up the elevator. You don’t necessarily have to fight any adversaries that you come across.

Head back to Synthesis and Manufactory Center.

You’ll run into several Freebooters inside, who’ll be more powerful than the ones you’ve fought with so far.

Keep heading downstairs. You’ll also come across a Medical Drone.

Take the elevator and head down. Downstairs you’ll meet Olivia Ambrose.

Afterward, find the control panel to activate the NDA protocol and restore power to the Adrena-Time Synthesizer.

Get back to your ship and get to Ambrose Manor. Head back to the mansion and meet Wilhelmina Ambrose to complete the quest and mark the end of the Peril on Gorgon DLC.

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