The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon Endings Guide

The main storyline of the Peril on Gorgon is driven by the strained relationship between Olivia Ambrose and her daughter Wilhelmina Ambrose. The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon DLC has multiple endings, and which one you get will depend on how you handle the resolution of this relationship.

The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon Endings

Below we’ll walk you through The Outer Worlds Peril on Gorgon DLC Endings and their epilogues with detailed information.

The Ambrose Intersection will be your last mission of Peril on Gorgon. This mission requires you to choose between two objectives. However, neither one of them impacts your “Good” ending.

If you’re looking forward to exploring more, selecting an objective might be your best choice.

In this mission, you’ll be called by Minnie, who then wants information regarding her mother’s journal from you. At this point, use your Persaud dialogue option to convince her to tell you the truth.

Keep in mind that, to use the Persaud dialogue, you must be at level 20 so you can get a call from Olivia.

  • {Persuade 20} I think it’s time you tell me the truth, Minnie.

Once the interaction between the mother and daughter is over, and Minnie talks about reviving Adrena Times, it’s time for you to dig deeper into the case as soon as possible.

After you’ve finished your conversation with Minnie, you’ll talk to Olivia, who has a hard time trusting her daughter. This will be the focal point of the game’s entire ending and their mother-daughter relationship.

Listen to the conversation between the mother and daughter and choose either side that leads to different endings.

Siding with Minnie

If you choose to be by Minnie’s side, you’ll go to Olivia’s location to restart the machine and kill her. Once she’s killed, you can loot a unique gun, the Equilibrium weapon, 5,000 Bit Cartridges, and the Ambrose’s Key from her.

Reward: As a reward for completing this mission, you’ll get 5,000 Bit Cartridges and 114,000 XP.

Siding with Olivia

The second option is choosing to be by Olivia’s side. But this requires you to head over to the Ambrose manner, take on a few security robots, and head over to the Elevator to activate the NDA Protocol from her terminal.

At this point, Minnie stops you from doing so, and eventually, you’ll have to kill her if you can’t convince her to stay back. If you decide to kill her, loot her corpse to get a new science Burnout weapon and return to Olivia to end the mission.

Reward: 5,000 Bit Cartridges.

Mother and Daughter Reunite (Good Ending)

As mentioned before, you’ll get two objectives in the Ambrose Intersection, either you side with Minnie or her mother to continue with the ending.

However, neither one of the sides with affect your good ending. This is because the good ending requires you to side with neither one and keep your choice neutral. This can be done by telling both characters that you’ll take both of their proposals into your consideration.

However, keep in mind that you must be at a higher stat to unlock the good ending.

Once you’ve talked to both the parties, head to Minnie first and fight a few enemies while on your way. Once that’s done, choose the following dialogues which require 150 persuade, 60 inspirations, and 40 intimidate:

  • Let’s talk about this, Minnie.
  • What if you and your mother joined forces to cure the marauders?
  • [Persuade 60] If the marauders don’t get a fix, they’ll just rampage across the colony. OR [Inspiration 60] I thought you wanted to help people, not let them die?
  • Persuade 90] Why not give her a chance? She’s been involved with Adrena-Time from the start.
  • [Persuade 150] The Adrena-Time project failed, Minnie. You couldn’t have saved it.
  • Opportunities present themselves every day. Your Gorgon will come.
  • That isn’t a failure. It’s a second chance to work with Olivia.

Once you’ve talked to Minnie, she’ll be on your side and wants you to bring Olivia to her so they can work things out. This is where you head over to Olivia and select the following dialogues:

  • Whoa, hold on! I’m here to make peace!
  • Minnie wants to work with you on a cure for the Marauders.
  • [Persuade 40] You don’t. You just have to trust me. OR [Intimidate 40] Why trick you when it’d be easier for me to kill you?
  • She said you were invited for tea?
  • That’s rather sweet of you.
  • So, you’ll work with Minnie?

This will lead to the two having a conversation and clearing things up. Minnie will apologize to you for treating you harshly, and they will both thank you for patching up their relationship.