The Outer Worlds – Peril on Gorgon: All Choices and Consequences

The Peril on Gorgon DLC has more choices for you to make in The Outer Worlds, each having its own consequence.

The Peril on Gorgon DLC for The Outer Worlds lets players explore the Gorgon asteroid as they come into contact with a new cast of characters. Like the base game, the DLC also features a plethora of player-driven choices that have long-lasting impacts on both the world and the narrative.

In this guide, we’ll be going over all the major choices you have to make in The Peril on Gorgon including their outcomes and consequences. Additionally, we’ll also explore how the final choice impacts the ending of the DLC.

Choice #1 Trixie or Freddie

Trixie gets the salvage

If you decide that Trixie has the rightful claim, she’ll receive the salvage and you’ll be paid 2,000 Bits along with a free beer. Freddie will be hostile towards you now and will vow to exact his revenge. 

Freddie gets the salvage

For this choice, you get the same rewards, however, Trixie will be hostile toward you now.

Neither Freddie nor Trixie get the Salvage

If you decide not to partake in this feud, you’ll still be paid your 2,000 Bits, however, both Freddie and Trixie will be hostile towards you.

Choice #2 Clarence Mosley

During the mission, Mostly Harmless you will need to talk to Clarence Mosley to try and convince him to give you access to a locked door which holds a journal. When you first talk to him, he’ll let you know that he doesn’t trust you and you’ll be presented with the following choices.

Just doing my job

If you go with the first option, he’ll ask you why you’re searching for this journal. After this, he’ll task you with stealing a trophy, after which he’ll help you out.

Trying to uncover the truth

He won’t ask you any questions here and instead will agree to help you if you steal the trophy for him.


With the third option, you’ll try to threaten him but the outcome will be the same as above as he’ll ask you to steal the trophy.

You can’t walk away from that

This option tries to reason with Clarence but like all three choices above, you’ll still have to steal the trophy for him.

Choice #3 Coach Stilley

You’ll come across Coach Stilley during the mission Starship Hunters. He’s a hostile character by default and you need to deal with him carefully as he’s out to kill you due to the bounty that’s been placed on your head. You can approach this situation in two ways.


If you go with the first option, you’ll have to pay a whopping 3700 Bits to get rid of him. You can also ask him who put the price on your head but he won’t give you that information. This option makes sure that you avoid a fight with Stlley.  


Alternatively, you can choose to attack Stilley instead of reasoning with him. Be warned though that there are other hostiles present with him.

Choice #4 Mother’s Journal

The penultimate choice comes right after you discover Mother’s Journal in the mission called The Red Tape of Command. Wilhelmina Ambrose will contact you towards the end and you’ll have four options to choose from.

  • Got my payment ready?
  • Gorgon was a lot bigger than you led me to believe
  • Why are you interested in old testimonials?

In all cases, before you’re able to make up significant progress, the transmission gets hijacked and you lose connection with Wilhelmina.

Choice #5 The Ambrose Intersection

The final choice is perhaps the most important one as it heavily effects the ending and the fate of a few characters. You can choose between Minnie or Olivia. Choosing Minne means Olivia dies and vice versa. This choice is linked with either restoring the Adrena-Time production on Gorgon or destroying it. There is a total of three choices here.

Kill Olivia

The first choice involves killing Olivia. You’ll find her near the Synthesizer and she’ll try and stop you from restarting it. Choose either the third or fourth option to get rid of her. Once you do, the Adrena-Time Synthesizer will regain power and start functioning again. This choice nets you 5,000 Bits and the Equalizer weapon.

Kill Minnie

The second choice involves killing Minnie and activating the NDA Protocol. This means you effectively side with Olivia and the Synthesizer remains dormant. For this choice, you receive 5,000 Bits and the Burnout weapon.

Compromise (Good Ending)

For the third outcome, you can convince Minnie to reach a compromise with Olivia. Both characters live and you receive 5,000 Bits. This is the best ending as both characters get to live.

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