The Outer Worlds Leveling Tips, Level Up Fast Guide

Use this guide to improve your leveling experience in The Outer Worlds by following simple tips to make it as efficient as possible

Leveling in The Outer Worlds is pretty straightforward just like the game itself. As you progress through the game’s narrative about colonization across space by various corporations, you kill a lot of people and monsters during quests, everything earning you experience which levels you up. However, we have compiled a guide for you with useful tips that will make this leveling process easier and efficient in The Outer Worlds.

The Outer Worlds Leveling Tips

There are many categories to enhance your skills in The Outer Worlds including Tech, Science, Medical and Engineering skills and a subcategory for sci-fi prototype weapons as well. You can choose any category and enhance your skill in that one and make your character lean towards whatever profession you want it to have. You can make it tech-oriented or a medic.

As you choose one skill and play the game you will get higher in the skill and get more skill points and climb up the skill tree. As you get skill points you can use those points to acquire more new perks. As you spend 20 skill points you can acquire a new particular skill.

For example, building into stealth will make you hard to see but if you invest 20 points into the stealth skill you will do more damage when sneaking. You will get these bonuses for every 20 points all the way up to 100 points.

One more thing is that each companion comes with three skills but keep in mind that you can only have two companions at a time. And as you level up so does your companion and you get to choose what perks they get from their own perk tree.

Lastly, stats are grouped together and leveling at the same rate until the halfway point is brilliant. Levels don’t exponentially increase like the skill tree and you need to focus on the skills and it is possible to have a perfect 20 all across the board by level 10 so you will not have to rely on the levels to keep you interested in the game.


The capabilities of your character are defined from these attributes. They have three categories:

  1. Body
  2. Mind
  3. Personality

Each attribute has stats related to it e.g. Body has stats strength and dexterity, mind has intelligence and perception, and personality has of charm and temperament.

When you create your character there are six attribute points that you have to assign to these stats which cannot be changed later. Average will be the starting point for each of these. If you make a stat below average then you will get an extra attribute point that you can assign somewhere else. You have the option to assign up to three points in the stats by which you can make them goodhigh, and very high.

These stats corresponding to these six attributes will tell us the rank of your skills. Here’s a list of these attributes below;

Attribute group Attribute Skills affected Other stats affected
Body Strength 1-handed melee 2-handed melee Heavy weapons Block Inspiration Intimidate Melee damage Carrying capacity
Body Dexterity 1-handed melee Handguns Dodge Block Sneak Lockpick Melee weapon attack speed Ranged weapon reload speed
Mind Intelligence Long guns Persuade Hack Medical Science Determination Critical damage
Mind Perception Handguns Long guns Heavy weapons Dodge Lockpick Engineering Bonus to extra headshot/weakspot damage
Personality Charm Persuade Lie Intimidate Hack Science Inspiration Companion ability refresh Positive faction reputation reactions Negative faction reputation reactions
Personality Temperament 2-handed melee Lie Sneak Medical Engineering Determination Health regeneration per second


After you are done with your attributes then you have to focus on your skills. Your starting skills will be defined by the attributes you selected. These skills are what you are going to use when you interact with the environment and this is where most of your leveling up will take place.

When you put points into broad categories it will increase all the stats within it which you will be doing until you have 50 points for a specific skill. At every level up you will get 10 points that you can assign to your skills and you can assign them as your heart desires.


This is also one of the permanent aspect of your character which gives a small bonus to a single stat of yours. There is also an increment of 1 to a skill and damage from a specific weapon is reduced or you can get a better benefit from a consumable.

Aptitude Bonus
“No Discernible Aptitude.” Determination +1
Beverage Service Technician. Drink effect duration +3%
Bureaucrat, Rank 0. Block +1
Cashier, Sub-Grade, Non-Supervisory. Persuade +1
Construction, Electrician Class, Wire Spooler. Shock damage received -3%
Elevator Operations Specialist. Engineering +1
Factory Worker, Conveyor Operator. Dodge +1
Farmer, Dirt. N-ray damage received -3%
Food Additive Tester. Food effect duration +3%
Janitor, Sanitation Class. Corrosion damage received -3%
Tossball Team Mascot. Inspiration +1
Medical Technician, Junior Grade. Medical +1
Safety Inspector. Plasma damage received -3%
Scientist Assistant, Level 0, Class A. Science +1
Sub Sous Chef 1-handed melee +1


This is the final step in character creation and it would not happen at the start of the game. You will unlock perks by using the perk points that you get periodically, when you level up.

These are basically bonuses to the stats that don’t really classify into any of the former mentioned categories e.g. your health, speed, carrying capacity, or the damage you deal with certain weapons.

You choose the perks that would be the best for you according to your play style.

 Some Suggestions:

Skills like Lockpicking, hacking, and dialog will make it a lot easier for you to play the game and they will help you throughout the course of the game as well. You should choose a better weapon and armor but the best thing to get is a silver tongue.

The best attributes are dexterityintelligence, and charm above average. You should also invest some in to stealth (or stealth and one other skill group). When looking for aptitude go for Cashier, Sub-Grade, Non-supervisory so that you get +1 to persuasion.

Follow these steps you would without a doubt level up faster

Leveling Up Faster

The game includes various ways for players to gain XP and level up, although a few of these ways will help you dearly with your quest of reaching the maximum level of your character. In The Outer Worlds, the maximum level restriction is level 30, after which you will not be able to level up your character.

Main Quests
Similar to every other game, Main Quests will be your primary source for XP as they reward the most amount of XP upon their completion. You will be rewarded by an enormous amount of XP upon the completion of each of your main quests, and this large amount of XP will be adequate for you to successfully level up your character.

Side Quests
These are the Quests that you are not obligated to complete in order to complete the story-line of your game. Although Side Quests come second when we talk about the most rewarding sources for XP in The Outer Worlds.

The game features numerous Side Quests that players can consider completing to obtain extra XP and level up faster in The Outer Worlds.

Putting Enemies Down
You’re obviously going to face enemies while exploring through the game and while you board the game’s quests, and since killing enemies is another good source of XP in The Outer Worlds, you should consider actively indulging into combat against the enemies that you come across.

Many of the quests in The Outer Worlds will have enemies that you will have to put down, doing this will boost your XP earnings, and you will level up faster!

Your Companion’s Kills
While playing The Outer Worlds, you may also have companions playing alongside you. Each kill that your companion will perform, will allow you some XP. You should consider improving your companions’ loadout so that they can be more useful in battle, allowing you to gain more XP.

I advise that you enable the Deadly Demonstrator perk whenever it is available since it will help you get an extra fifty percent (50%) XP for each kill by your companion.

Hacking Terminals and Lockpicking Doors/Safes
Getting into Terminals, Doors, and Safes will also grant you a lot of XP so that you can Level Up Faster, although you will need to hack and lockpick into them by using Bypass Shunts and Mag-Locks. In order to execute this, you will need the proper skill and materials. Breaking into the areas will also let you get your hands on certain resources or even valuable and powerful gear.