The Outer Worlds Holographic Shroud Guide

Holographic Shroud in The Outer Worlds is unlocked for the players to use after leaving Edgewater City and going aboard their ship, Unreliable and powering it up. The Holographic Shroud is located in the Captain’s cabin upstairs. This guide will break down the basics of this gadget and help players find the location of IDs to use with the shroud.

The Outer Worlds Holographic Shroud

The Holographic Shroud disguises the player as a different person from a faction whose ID they are using. The Shroud automatically starts working when you enter an area where the disguise is needed. The player does not need to activate the Shroud themselves.

However, it cannot be used indefinitely. Movement or any other action performed by the character will drain the Shroud’s power. This means that the players have a small window to move through restricted areas undetected. The shroud’s power is displayed by a purple bar at the bottom of the screen.

Once the power runs out, the disguise vanishes and players can be detected by NPCs in the area. If you succeed in talking your way out of the fight, your disguise power will be refilled and one charge from the holographic shroud will be consumed. To refill the power without using charges, leaving the restricted area.

With an added perk, you can also get the disguise to hide your companions. This also doesn’t last long, so it’s better for you to get in, do the job and get out as soon as possible.

To activate different disguises, the player needs ID cartridges that are found throughout the world. Due to the difficulty of finding these cartridges, the shroud is mostly overlooked by many players. The following are the location of all five ID cartridges scattered throughout the world.

You can also find them in other random places or kill members of the faction for an ID cartridge to drop. However, killing will decrease your reputation with the faction.

Boarst Factory ID cartridge
In the Monarch colony, there is a place called “Dry Goods and Sundry” in the town of Fallbrook. A man named Duncan Elley has the key, but you’ll need to have one dialog skill (Persuade, Lie, or Intimidate) above the difficulty threshold of 50 to take the cartridge from him

Mardet ID cartridge
When you reach the Ground Breaker, you can follow the questline Worst Contact. Weirdly, I found this one in two locations, one on the table to the left of the restricted area door in the Medical Bay, and one on the boxes stacked close to the Mardet’s office.

UDL ID cartridge
This one requires some very high dialog skill checks. First head to The Ministry in Byzantium. You can either convince Holte to let you in (requires 70 Intimidate or 100 Lie), or get Caroline to let you in. Hack the computer on the right-hand corner of the room on the lower floor.

Here you’ll learn about a person named Caroline’s problem with one of her co-workers. Head to the lunch area in the floor above and talk to her about it. She’ll agree to let you in the lab.

Walk past the second guard and pick the lock of the door. Inside the middle locker is the UDL ID cartridge. You’ll need to talk your way out of your misdemeanors with the guard, which requires either 30 Intimidate, or 30 Lie.

SubLight ID cartridge
Head to Monarch’s Amber Heights area. Upon arriving, head left and towards the bar at the far end of the small town. Climb the staircase in the bar and open the door to the patio.

There’s a locked door that requires either a 40 Lock picking check or Bronson’s Key. You’ll likely be picking this lock if you haven’t found Bronson’s Key. Inside, you’ll find the cartridge on the bottom shelf, on top of the green container.

Labyrinth Security Personal ID cartridge
When you’re on the mission Brave New World, you’ll be able to talk with a corporate trooper upon landing on Tartarus. Use any dialog skill above the difficulty threshold of 70 to gain the ID cartridge.

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