The Outer Worlds Holographic Shroud Guide

The Holographic Shroud in Outer Worlds is a helpful device that helps a person mask their identity by hiding their face and fingerprints. In this Outer Worlds guide, we will discuss where and how to use Holographic Shrouds and the various ID cartridges locations.

How to Use the Holographic Shroud in The Outer Worlds

The Holographic Shroud is one of the most valuable tools to help you throughout your Outer Worlds journey. You will first locate this tool in the Passage to Anywhere mission. This tool is located inside the Captain’s Quarters on the second floor of The Unreliable.

The Holographic Shroud works with the help of ID cartridges. Unfortunately, there are no specific buttons or controls to use this tool. Instead, it would be best to have the appropriate ID cartridge to get it working.

As soon as you get your hands on the correct Cartridge, the tool will automatically hide your identity when you enter any restricted areas.

Once your identity is masked, you can navigate through the area, but you will only have a specific period in which you can navigate through the site undetected.

The more that you move, your disguise will wear off faster. You can keep an eye on how much time you have under your mask with the help of the purple bar that appears at the bottom of the screen.

If your mask wears off while you’re inside the restricted area, You will have to wait for a guard to approach you and then talk your way out of the situation with the dialog test. This will give your Holographic Shroud more time to recharge.

ID Cartridge Locations

There are several ID cartridges that you will need for your Holographic Shroud. Below we have discussed each ID cartridge location.

Mardet ID Cartridge Location

This ID will help you navigate through the Ground Breaker area. While you’re at this location, you’ll play through the Worst Contact questline. You’ll come across the Mardet ID cartridge on a pile of boxes near Mardet’s office during this mission.

Sublight ID Cartridge Location

While you’re at the Monarch Colony, head to the Amber Heights. Now head to the back of the town, where you’ll come across a bar. Go to the second floor to the patio and then unlock the door.

This requires you to have a lockpicking skill of 40. Alternatively, you can complete the “Odd Jobs” task to gain the Bronson’s Key and unlock the door. You’ll find the Sublight ID Cartridge in a container on the floor.

You can also find this Cartridge in Stellar Bay on a large shipping container beside the bin on the docks. You may also find this in Fallbrook on the ground near the bar on the second floor of Malin’s House of Hospitality.

Boarst Factory ID Cartridge Location

In the same colony, head to the Dry Goods and Sundry shop. Talk to Duncan Elley inside this shop, a dialogue skill over 50 is required to persuade him and receive the Boarst Factory ID cartridge from him.

UDL ID Cartridge Location

To find this cartridge, head to the Ministry of Byzantium after starting ‘The City and Stars’ main story quest. There you can get inside by either using Level 70 Lie check or by interacting with the terminal present in the lobby.

Using the terminal, you will be able to get information regarding Theodore and Caroline’s conflict. Once that is done, you can get Caroline to take you to the lab.

Inside the lab, there will be a locked door, which you will need to unlock in order to get inside the locker and obtain the UDL ID cartridge. However, a guard will also intercept you in the locker.

You will have to either Intimidate him or use a level 3 lie to escape him.

This Cartridge can also be found on the HRS 1084. It will be present on a chair in the kitchen of the second-floor chamber on Hope.

Labyrinth ID Cartridge Location

This Cartridge is attainable once you’re at the game’s final mission, after landing on Tartarus. You’ll have to pass a level 70 check for Intimidate, Lie, or Persuade to get this Cartridge from a Corporate Trooper.

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