The Outer Worlds Fistful of Digits Quest Guide

Find out where you can locate all three targets for the Fistful of Digits quest in The Outer Worlds in order to help the city of Edgewater

Fistful of Digits is a side quest in The Outer Worlds. Side quests are optional to the players and if the player wishes to complete them, they are rewarded with special items, XP or reputation. In this guide, we will help you complete A Fistful of Digits by finding your targets across the Emerald Vale.

The Outer Worlds Fistful of Digits

The city of Edgewater is plagued with a marauder problem. Constable Reyes has placed bounties on a number of dangerous marauders causing problems in the city and you can see those bounties on the bounty boards across the city.

You can obtain this quest by talking to Constable Reyes at his office in Edgewater. The quest requires you to kill three bounty targets and bring their finger as proof back to the Constable for your reward. The targets you need to kill are:

  • Doc Maybell
  • Bertie Cotton
  • Guillaume Antrim

To find Doc Maybell, go to the Marauder Hideout which is located North of Edgewater near the Geothermal Plant. You will have to defeat several Marauders and Canids. Deal with them and kill Doc Maybell. You will be rewarded 900 XP for the kill and 1000 XP for picking up a finger as proof.

To find Bertie Cotton, head to the Marauder Encampment, Northwest of Edgewater. Defeat the enemies and pick up Cotton’s finger as proof. 900 XP for kill and 1000 XP for picking up the finger.

To find Guillaume Antrim, go to the abandoned Industrial Zone, Northeast of Edgewater. Kill him and pick up a finger as proof. You will be rewarded 900 XP for the kill and 1000 XP for picking up a finger as proof.

After the kills, return to Constable and hand in the proof to get your quest rewards. You will receive 1000xp, 500 Bit Cartridge and 5% improved Spacer’s Choice reputation per finger shown as proof.

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