The Outer Worlds BOLT With His Name Quest

If you are stuck and unsure of what to do during the BOLT With His Name, this The Outer Worlds quest guide will be useful

The Outer Worlds consists of Faction Quests, and BOLT With His Name is one of those Quests, these quests may be voluntary but they reward you with special XP and reputation with the given Faction. Therefore, it’s better for you to complete such quests in order to obtain rewards which may come handy later.

The Outer Worlds BOLT With His Name

To begin the quest, you’ll start a conversation with Sanjar Nandi in Monarch at Stellar Bay. Sanjar will reveal the hardship of Monarch due to 10 years of isolation, and they want to re-enter the mainstream.

As you ask him about it, he’ll tell you all the details about his two-phase idea which is most likely to start with genuine-planet defenses.

Furthermore, you can acquire some information about the planet formally known as “Terra 1” and the improvements and work that MSI and Sanjar had put to gain more compassionate working state for everybody.

After going into Monarch Wilderness, go towards the quest objective building near a large bridge. You’ll find a Raptidon Behemoth there, and for ARMS Building key and an Armor you can loot an Iconoclast corpse.

Enter the ARMS building where you are able to loot many items and Equipements such as Purpleberry Liqueur, Stogie Slims, Adreno, Spectrum Vodka and Light Ammo by a terminal.

This is where the story gets interesting. As you read the report, you learn about the real reason why Sanjar wants to delete the terminal contents. He is including numbers and statistics in his reports in place of jingles and slogans. Also, instead of assigning work, he completes it.

By using the Hack (20) you can read Graham Bryant’s files during this quest. Dora Erickson is known for her delegation abilities therefore; she is recommended for the promotion.

Now you get the idea why Sanjar chose you to delete the terminal contents. The decision on how to proceed in this section of the quest is all yours.

Head to the upper level and look for a locked door, behind that door you’ll find Huxley stuck and he needs your help to get out, by helping him you earn 5625xp.

You’ll be in contact with him through the intercom. Huxley informs you about the key his friend possesses which you picked up earlier. However, you should utilize this moment by asking him about Iconoclast.

There is another way to open the door by asking Huxley to unlock it from the inside, which requires Perception, or Engineering (35), Intimidate (55) or Persuade (55).

When Huxley comes out you can ask her to grant you a reward, for which you’ll receive Iconoclast reputation. Inside the room, loot Mag-Pick, Ammo and Bit Cartridge and the BOLT-52 Cartridge.

Now, go back to Sanjar and tell him about the executive review. He’ll tell you that he did everything possible to get promoted by even giving his kidney to the company.

Simply give him the BOLT-52 and receive 15000xp, MSI Elite Helmet, 3000 Bit Cartridge and Monarch Stellar Industries Reputation as quest rewards.

Sanjar reveals that there’s another company that is illegally working in Monarch, which eventually grants you the Errors Unseen mission. He’ll inform you about Catherine; who is a supplier for them from Fallbrook. Your task is to enter the facility and retrieve the evidence.

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