The Outer Worlds Difficulty Settings Explained

We have explained all four difficulty settings in The Outer Worlds so you can be sure of which option to start with when you begin the game

The Outer Worlds, like most RPGs out there, offers players a choice of selecting a difficulty setting at the start of their playthrough. Of course, over the course of the game, you might feel the need to change this setting depending on whether you are struggling or killing enemies with ease. The game will let you adjust your difficulty option whenever you want (with one exception that we have explained below). However, if you are still on the fence about which difficulty option to select when first starting The Outer Worlds, we have explained their differences in the guide below.

The Outer Worlds Difficulty Settings

Here are all of the four difficulty options that are available in The Outer Worlds. The following difficulty options are listed in an order of increasing difficulty.

In this mode, your enemies will deal less damage and will have less maximum health. I advise that you opt for this difficulty level if you prefer the story over combat. This mode is the easiest out of all the four options difficult options.

In this mode,  your enemies will deal standard damage and will have standard maximum health power. You should opt for this mode if you’re new to the game but still want a bit of a challenge in combat instead of just mowing down your enemies.

In this mode, your enemies will deal increased damage and will have increased maximum health power. If you’re someone who wishes to experience something challenging, you may want to choose this difficulty option.

Out of all four difficulty levels, Supernova is the hardest and most difficult option to choose from. This difficulty option holds certain restrictions. Players can only choose this mode at the beginning of the game, and if the player chooses to reduce the difficulty level during the course of the game, they will not be allowed to enable it again.

Enemies will have the highest amount of health, and they will also deal the highest amount of damage as compared to all the other difficulty options. As a result of that, your companions can die permanently and your weapons and armor stop functioning at zero durability.

As for player conditions, you will be needed to take proper care of your diet and your rest in order to survive on supernova difficulty. Similarly, to fully recover from injuries like crippled body or limbs, you need bed rest which is only possible at certain locations such as your ship, which also serves as your only source of manual saves. Auto-saves will be limited compared to other difficulties.

Flaws are automatically accepted on Supernova difficulty so you don’t have the option to skip a flaw whenever it is unlocked.

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