The Outer Worlds Console Commands List

The PC version of The Outer Worlds allows players to have much more control over the game, using console commands...

The PC version of The Outer Worlds allows players to have much more control over the game, using console commands on the Unreal Engine 4 console. This guide will show you how to unlock The Outer Worlds console, using a launcher that will permanently enable the console. Plus, all the console commands currently available in The Outer Worlds will also be listed here.

The Outer Worlds Console Commands

The console of the game can only be opened by downloading an unlocker. There are multiple versions of this unlocker available online, but our favorite pick is Sunbeam’s The Outer World Unlocker.

Enabling the console is a relatively simple process. After you’ve downloaded the unlocker ZIP file, extract it. The password of the archive can be found in Sunbeam’s thread.

Now, start the game. Once it is running, minimize it and run the IGCSInjector.exe file which was extracted from the ZIP file. If it runs successfully, it should display a message saying ‘Done! Enjoy!’.

Go back into the game and open the console using the Tilde key (it’s the one on the left to the 1 key). If you press once, a mini-console will open, two presses will open the full console.

If you want to have the console unlocked every time you start the game, extract the files of the unlocker into the games Win64 folder, which is next to the ‘IndianaEpicGameStore-Win64-Shipping.exe’ file. Make sure the IGCSInjector.exe file has been extracted there too.

After that, download the console launcher from the Files Section and then extract the UE4ConsoleLaunch.exe file into the Win64 folder.

You can now launch the UE4ConsoleLaunch.exe file and it will start the game, with the console unlocked.

Console Commands

Now that you know how to unlock the console, here’s a list of all the console commands in the game and what they do.

Pause – game is paused.
God – Unlimited health.
FOV <amount> – FOV is set to given amount.
QuestStart Passion – This will start the Passion Pills quest, which is bugged as of right now.
SaveGame bIgnoreSuperNova 1 0 – A new save game is created, even on the Supernova difficulty.
ShowHUD – HUD display toggle.
ToggleDebugCamera – Freecam toggle.
Teleport – You are teleported to wherever the debug camera is looking at.
AddCurrency <amount> 1 – Whatever amount of currency you put is given to you.
QuestStart <questname> – Whatever quest you put is started.
QuestComplete <questname> – Whatever quest you put is completed.
DebugUnlockCompanion <companionID> – Whatever companion you put is unlocked.
PerkPointsAdd <amount> – Whatever amount of perk points you put is added to your character.
AddPerkPointsToCompanions <amount> – gives perk points to companions
SetLevel <level> – changes your level to the specificed value
SetArmorLevel <level> 1 – Level of equipped armor is set to the given amount.
SetWeaponLevel <level> 1 – Level of equipped hotbar-weapons is set to given amount.
AddItemDebug <itemID> 1 – Whatever item you put is added to your inventory.
RpgStatAddModifierDebug <stat> <value> – The value of the given stat is set to given number.
RpgStatRemoveModifierDebug <stat> – modifiers added through the AddModifierDebug are deleted

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