The Outer Worlds Brave New World Quest Guide

This guide covers the Brave New World quest of the Outer Worlds as you try to rescure Phineas from the Board to finish the game

In The Outer World there are some Main Quests which you need to complete no matter what in order to progress through the main storyline, Brave New World is one of those quests.

The Outer Worlds Brave New World

In this quest, you’ll find out that Phineas is about to be interrogated on Tartarus, and you must rescue him from the prison. There are 2 ways to approach this quest, and we have discussed both of them below.

Terra Route (Welles Ending)

You’ll start off the mission at Phineas’s lab by choosing Terra Route. Your main objective is to save Phineas, who has been imprisoned in the prison complex. Keeping that in mind, visit the Unreliable and talk to ADA.

Once your conversation with ADA is over, travel to Tartarus Docking Facility. Be careful since you’ll come across several Combat drones and Corporate Troopers when scanning through the area.

After taking care of the adversaries, it’s time to explore the area a bit to find some useful equipment scattered around. Once you’re all geared up, head straight to the elevator on the second level of the area.

You’ll ride the elevator down with both Parvati and Nyoka, who then have a small conversation till you reach the bottom of the area. The area you’ll reach will be Restricted, and only authorized personalities can access it.

Therefore, be careful as you’ll encounter several more Corporate Troppers all around this Restricted area. Kill them and loot their corpses to get a few useful items.

This area is quite easy to explore as compared to the Docking Facility. Therefore, you won’t have a hard time taking care of the guards in this area.

Take the elevator in the area, up to the second level, and reach an area with the Restricted Area sign. This is where you’ll Transition to the pit.

Now, use the terminal to access the locked door ahead and find a few Troopers to kill. Head past the lift and go through the door, where you’ll find a vending machine and Melody to talk to at the control area.

Talk to her, use the terminals, and convince Melody to tell you the passcode (“tartarsauce”).

From here, you must find the exit to the pit. The exit will be marked as “exit” at the last barricaded room. Unlock the door using the terminals and come across Chairman Rockwell after using the elevator to head up the area.

Once your conversation will the Chairman is over, use the main elevator with both Nyoka and Parvati to head up to the monitor room. But this time you’ll meet Sophia Akande.

Head down once the conversation is over and face the final boss R.A.M. Defeating him won’t be easy as Troopers and Combat Drones’ll surround him. However, he is slow, which gives you an opening to kill the drones first and then target R.A.M.

Once you’ve defeated the boss, get the Hibernation Chamber Key and kill Sophia. Once she’s killed, collect the Chairman’s key from the table and free Phineas from the prison complex to end the mission.

Tartarus Route (Board Ending)

The Board Ending sees Phineas causing mayhem after getting imprisoned. For this reason, ADA has now gathered up the entire crew to plan a strategy to overcome the danger ahead.

It’s time for you to visit Tartarus and talk to the Corporate Trooper, use high (~70) persuade/intimidate check, and receive the Labyrinth Prisoner’s biometric ID from him.

Head to the elevator on the second floor after passing the main entrance. Use the elevator to go down to the restricted area and head toward the pit.

The Tartarus area is quite vast and consists of several useful items to loot. You can kill as many adversaries in this area as possible and loot their corpses to gain more items for future use.

Slowly make your way to the central elevator and head south to pass the entrances. Here you can proceed to travel to the pit. Note that there’s a vending machine on your way in case you need any refills.

Use the door on the left to pass through the area to use the terminals. Continue moving around the pit and walk past the lifts till you reach an office where you’ll find Melody.

Convince her to give you the passcode (“tartarsauce”) and vent the gas with the help of the terminals.

Use the elevator to head up and go through the entrances on the north side to find the exit to the pit (last barricade room marked as EXIT). This is where you’ll find Chairman Rockwell, either dead or alive.

Head up the elevator and go to the restricted area to deal with several adversaries and head straight to the elevator situated at the central pit and meet Phineas Welles at the top.

You can now pass a high persuade and science (~90) or perception or high lie (~100) check to get noticed by him. Further, you can pass a high (~100) persuade or intelligence or high (~90) intimidate and handguns check.

Additionally, you can pass a medium (~55) Science or Medical check to play mind games with him.

This sequence ends in two ways: either you’ll fail and will have to face the final boss R.A.M, or you succeed and see Phineas kill himself.

Once either one of the possibilities is over, you can now collect the Chairman’s key to free Sophia and successfully End the game.