The Outer Worlds Balance Due Quest Guide

Learn how to find Udom's official seal aboard the Groundbreaker and complete the essential The Outer Worlds Balance Due mission

Balance Due is a main quest in The Outer Worlds and it’s the first one for Halcyon’s Questline. The basic objective of the quest is to help out Udom Bedford so that you can bring in the bounty Phineas Welles. While Balance Due is pretty straight forward, we will still give you some basic pointers on how to easily complete this main quest.

The Outer Worlds Balance Due

Udom wants your information regarding the location of Phineas but he sold his Board seal to Gladys so you need to get it back. Speak with Udom once you’ve resolved ship impound issue to get this started.

If you offer to turn Phineas in to the Board, Udom will tell you about the quest and why he is unable to stamp the bounty and accept your information about Phineas as he sold his official seal to Gladys.

Agree to help him and then go talk to Gladys at the Rest-n-Go. If you have the funds for it, you can purchase the seal from Glady for 8,000 bits and finish the quest right then and there.

If you’re starting this quest right away, you may not have the funds to pay for it. You can get the funds by doing side quests, tasks and generally helping out and looting around the game world.

You also need 10,000 bits for the NavKey to Monarch but you can actually get one for free just by playing through Halcyon’s Questline. Once you have enough money for both, purchase the seal and then give it to Udom.

You’ll get the NavKey to Byzantium from him and start the quest The Puppet Masters. As a reward for completing this quest, you will be awarded 70,000 XP, your reputation with The Board will increase as well.