The Outer Worlds A Few Kindred Spirits Quest Guide

A Few Kindred Spirits is a side quest in The Outer Worlds. Side quests are optional to the players and if the player wishes to complete them, they are rewarded with special items, XP or reputation. In this quest guide, we will explain how to start and complete A Few Kindred Spirits with all the possible quest outcomes.

The Outer Worlds A Few Kindred Spirits

In a Botanical Lab settlement, you hear about Zoe, a girl who is missing. You will be asked for help by Sheriff Grace. It’s on you to find Zoe and bring her back. This quest can be started by talking to Grace Romero in the Botanical Labs in Emerald Vale.

Talk to Grace you will tell you that one of her people has gone missing. Offer to help her to accept the quest and you will be told to talk to Zoe’s friend Stefan and search Zoe’s room.

Stefan Garcia can be found at his residence which will be right next to Zoe’s room. Talk to him about the day when Zoe disappeared. He will tell you that they had planned to watch a serial but she never arrived. He will mention that she was writing a journal. Go to Zoe’s room and read the journal for a quest update. You will also be awarded 1125 XP.

The journal will mention Zoe’s rough whereabouts. Make your way to the next quest destination. You will be attacked by a Marauder and Canid that you will have to defeat. Defeat the enemies and explore the nearby areas for rewards and bits.

Reach the abandoned Industrial zone. Make your way to the back area where Zoe is and confront her. Beware of the several Marauder and Canids around the area. Tell her that people are looking for her to which she will say that she does not care.

She will reveal that she traded Adrena-Time in order to join the Marauders. She will tell you about her getting kicked from Edgewater for stealing stuff and getting sick. She thought she had joined outlaws at Botanical Garden but was disappointed to find out that they were a peaceful community.

You will have two options now. You can either Persuade (10) her or Intimidate(38) her to return. If you choose to Persuade, it will give you option to talk about Stefan and the surprise he had prepared for her. This will convince her to return and you will be awarded 1125 XP.

If you choose Intimidate, you will kill her and pick her ring up as proof that she is dead. This will grant you 1500 XP.

Return to Grace and talk to her. You can either lie to her about Zoe’s acts with the Marauders or tell the truth. It will not change the outcome of the quest and you will be rewarded with 4125xp and an increased positive reputation with the Deserters faction, raising your status.

If you tell Grace that you killed her and show the ring as proof, it will net you 4000 XP, Deserters Reputation and a Bolter Pistol.

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