The Long Dark Guide – Heal, Start A Fire, Surviving the First Few Minutes

The Long Dark Guide to help you understand everything you need to know about healing and starting a fire to survive the first few moments of the game.

With the game finally leaving early access, The Long Dark also included a story mode in its latest update. Of course, the main objective in story mode remains the same, survive as long as possible, while continuing the journey to the end. Since the map is the same, players will still have to face wild animals and the frozen wilderness.

Since figuring out the best way to survive in the early few minutes of the game is extremely important to successful long term plans, this The Long Dark Story Mode guide will help players do just that by providing useful tips for shelter and healing items which players should stock up on as soon as they start the game.

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The Long Dark Guide

In this Long Dark Guide, we’ve discussed methods using which you can heal, start a fire, & survive the starting sequence of the game.

The Long Dark Guide to Healing & Starting a Fire

Day time is precious in The Long Dark as there are a few hours of sunshine which drops the temperature and provides enough light for players to search around for resources in order to improve their chances of survival in the story mode, titled Wintermule.

Since nights can be pretty rough not only in terms of weather but also darkness and wandering animals like wolves, players should fully utilize the daylight to gather healing and food items.

In case players get stuck outdoors, they need to be able to hold off any wild animals and in the case of an emergency, be able to use bandages and similar useful items to survive the night and wait for daylight to return and mark relative safety.

The Long Dark Guide – How to Heal

While players can find healing items such as bandages and antibiotics, they can also craft their own. In The Long Dark story mode, players start off bleeding from the crash and if they don’t fix that problem soon, it will be game over before they know it. As soon as players gain control of their character, they need to move to the burning tree and search for a First Aid Kit in the snow.

The First Aid Kit provides players with 2 Bandages and 1 Antibiotic. The Bandage needs to be applied to the player’s head to stop the bleeding. In order to do this, players can open up the Status menu and apply it from there. Consuming Antibiotic prevents any infections so that is also a good idea. For future use, if players run out of Bandages, they can always craft more by Harvesting any piece of clothing they have to make bandages.

The Long Dark Guide – How to Start a Fire

Once players stop the bleeding from the crash, their next step is to get out of the open area, find some shelter and start a fire to warm themselves from the cold winds. To start a fire, they will need Tinder and Fuel. Tinder can be acquired from nearby cardboard boxes.

Simply breaking down the box will give players 2 Tinder Plugs. Once players have those, they can gather some nearby branches to gain Sticks for fuel. With all the resources in inventory, players can simply press the campfire button and place the fire in the Ravine cave.

Once the campfire is in place, players can approach it, add 1x Stick, 1x Tinder Plug and 1x Wood Match to start the fire and make their surroundings in The Long Dark story mode a bit more bright and warm, for a while at least.

This is everything we’ve in our The Long Dark Guide to Healing & Starting a Fire. If there’s anything else you’d like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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