The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Coming To Nintendo Switch, Eiji Aonuma Teases

Last week, a Zelda concert took place in Japan, featuring live music from the game series. During the concert, producer of the...

Last week, a Zelda concert took place in Japan, featuring live music from the game series. During the concert, producer of the franchise, Eiji Aonuma came on stage to address the audience. During which he asked:

“We know what you are thinking, Skyward Sword on the Nintendo Switch right?”

Obviously, the response to this was explosive cheering and applause to the news. Or rather teaser, but let’s be real. This is definitely news. Why else would it be brought up?

Considering people have gone out and bought the console due to some Nintendo Switch Black Friday deals out there somewhere, no doubt, this announcement of sorts was very well timed as well. The same goes for Nintendo Switch Cyber Monday deals.

Skyward sword was a Legend of Zelda game back on the Wii which emphasized on the Wii-Mote’s motion controls for most of its gameplay. Almost the entirety of the game’s swordplay being motion based.

Legend of Zelda games have been ported to the newer system before. Ocarina of Time and Majora’s mask were ported to the NDS. Windwaker and Twilight Princess were ported onto the Wii-U. It makes sense for Skyward Sword to be the second alongside Breath of the Wild as Switch games.

Even the control scheme makes sense. The Joycons do draw resemblance to the motion controls of the Wii-Mote. Which is just more reason for a Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword on the Nintendo Switch.

Hopefully, porting and optimizing Skyward Sword for the Nintendo Switch doesn’t hamper the production of that rumored new Zelda game. Can’t wait to see what’s next for the franchise.

While Skyward Sword on the Switch would be nice. Hopefully, it has a better time than it did on the Wii. While the game did have a positive reception, a lot of fans weren’t pleased with the excessive motion control. Which is understandable.

Twilight Princess did outshine the game in a lot of ways besides just how many people played it. Skyward Sword on the Nintendo Switch might change that.

The only bit of the classic Nintendo Wii title that we can see on the Switch currently, is an easter egg. That being of the Skyward Sword’s presence as an Amiibo sword in Breath of the Wild.

Based on Mr. Aonuma’s announcement at the concert, however, this might change soon enough.

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