How to Craft Items in The Last of Us Part 2, All Crafting Recipes List

The ability to craft becomes available when you reach the Supermarket in TLoU2. Luckily you do not need crafting benches to craft the recipes. In this The Last of Us Part 2 Crafting Recipes guide we will teach you how to craft items from the resources you will find while playing the game.

The Last of Us Part 2 Crafting Recipes

Crafting items in The Last of Us 2 are absolutely necessary as you will be able to get your hands on health kits and many other consumable items through crafting.

These crafted items become a matter of life and death in TLoU 2 so they are extremely important.

Crafting recipes can be obtained through two ways in TLOU 2. You can get the recipes by finding throwable items or by player upgrades.

In the following guide, you will get to know how to craft in The Last of Us Part 2 and what you will need to craft certain items. There are a total of 12 crafting recipes in the game.

Health Kit
You will need an alcohol pad and a rag. You will get the recipe automatically in Chapter 4: Patrol

Alcohol and a Rag will be required and the recipe will come from Chapter 4: Patrol

Stun Bomb
You will need a canister and explosive. You will find the recipe in Chapter 9: Downtown. Just go inside Barkos Pet Store. The key to enter this shop is in the bathroom of Ruston coffee shop.

Trap Mine
You will need a canister and an explosive. In the starting area of Chapter 11: Capitol Hill, go to the right of the motel near the green dumpster. Push it under the balcony and get up on the balcony to find the mine in the bedroom

A rag and a canister will be required. In the stealth skill tree get the 1st skill called “Craft Silencers”.

Melee Upgrade
You will need a binding, Blade and melee. In the Crafting skill tree get the 1st skill called “Craft Melee upgrades.

You will need a binding and a blade. You will get the bow in Chapter 16: Hillcrest after killing the infected.

Explosive Arrows
Explosive and Binding will be required and in the Explosive skill tree get the 1st skill labelled Craft Explosive arrows

Pipe Bomb
Alcohol, Canister and Explosive will be required. Automatically unlocked after completing Chapter 25: On Foot.

Incendiary Shells
Alcohol and explosives will be required for this recipe and it is unlocked by getting 1st Craft Incendiary Shells skill in Firearms Skill tree.

Hunting Pistol Ammo
Explosive and a Blade a blade will be required. Get the 2nd Craft Hunting Pistol Ammo skill in Firearm skill tree

Binding and a blade will be required. In the Covert Ops skill tree get the 1st Skill “Craft Shivs”.

Once you have crafted all of these items in TLOU 2, you will finally get the trophy, Tools of the Trade.