The Last of Us Part 1 New Game Plus: What To Do After Finishing the Game?

In The Last of Us Part 1, after finishing the game you might think it’s the end of the road but instead, there is a whole new journey ahead. Once you’re over with the first playthrough of TLoU Part 1, you’ll unlock the New Game Plus mode. This guide aims to explain what the NG+ mode in The Last of Us Part 1 entails and what you can do after finishing the game.

How to Access New Game Plus Mode in The Last of Us Part 1

In The Last of Us Part 1, New Game Plus mode is unlocked once you have completed the game at least once. Wondering what’s in store for the New Game Plus mode?

For starters, the New Game Plus mode allows you to continue on the same difficulty level you finished off the regular game. You might think that the New Game Plus will be difficult but that’s not the case necessarily.

Here’s the list of the things you can do after finishing the first playthrough of The Last of Us Part 1.

What is Available in TLoU Part 1 NG+ Mode

In the New Game Plus mode of TLoU Part 1, you’ll be able to continue right from where you left off in the initial playthrough of the game. The good news is that you’ll also carry over certain aspects which include Stats/Skills, Weapon Upgrades, and Tool Levels.

However, the catch is that you’ll only acquire the weapons you had playing through the game the first time while the upgrades will be retained. This means that you won’t be getting the likes of the flamethrowers right away.

Max Out Skills

No matter how good a player you are, you can’t practically get enough supplements to max out all of your skills. The NG+ mode in The Last of Us Part 1 is therefore required to max out your skills. A single playthrough of the game simply doesn’t allow you to fully max out your character.

It is also quite possible that you missed out on some collectibles in the first run. So, the second run will help get those as well.

Complete Your Achievements & Tags

If you’re a completionist looking for trophies, you should definitely check out the Achievements & Trophies section for The Last Of Us Part 1 from your PlayStation menu.

Furthermore, the Tags hunt can help you go a little further in the second playthrough, and the currency you earn by completing them can be spent on upgrading concept art, skins, and render modes.

When you start in New Game Plus mode, neither the enemies nor the difficulty changes significantly. Instead, things become easier at least for the early stages, since you’ll have improved stats from the get-go.

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