The Last of Us Part 1 Firefly pendant locations guide

Firefly pendants are the dog tags of members belonging to a militia group called Fireflies and are one of the...

Firefly pendants are the dog tags of members belonging to a militia group called Fireflies and are one of the four types of collectibles that you can find in the Last of Us Part 1.

There are 30 Firefly pendants in total that are scattered all across the single-player campaign. You can find them lying around on the ground, in corners, on desks, or even hanging from trees.

Do note that if you spot a pendant suspended from a high point or out of reach, you need to knock the pendant with a bullet or a throwable item to make it drop to the ground.

Collecting all of the 30 Firefly pendants will enable you to unlock the Look for the Light trophy. It will also bring you one step closer to unlocking the Scavenger trophy which requires you to find all four categories of collectibles in the game.

Firefly pendants are incredibly hard to spot in the environment due to their small size. The following guide will make that search easier and help get to each Firefly pendant location in the Last of Us Part 1.

Where to find all of the Firefly pendants in TLoU Part 1

The Quarantine Zone

David Michael Vigil Pendant
This pendant is found in an abandoned house which you can easily climb using a ladder. Cross the kitchen and beside the stairs, you’ll find a bedroom where you can collect this pendant from a desk.

Ben Glueck Pendant
This pendant can be really hard to find as it is hidden in the branches of a tree. This tree is located in a courtyard which you will be able to find after exiting the warehouse and crossing the wooden plank. Use any type of projectile to hit the hanging pendant and collect it.

Philip Liu Pendant
This pendant can be found near a dead body against a newspaper dispenser. You will come across it during your initial ventures with Ellie.

The Outskirts

Joseph Lenz Pendant
Enter the rooftop garden by turning right from the entrance of the Goldstone building. This pendant was originally located on the back of a tree. In the Last of Us Part 1 remake though, it is now on a tree to your right from the entrance of the garden.

Michael Kiper Pendant
This pendant is found in a museum where you will have to cross a thin ledge after entering it. You will reach a glass display case where the pendant is located.

Melinda Davidson Pendant
This pendant is in a column made of stones, to the left of the swamp opposite the Capitol Building. Search underwater for the pendant.

Shiyao Jiang Pendant
From the Capitol Building, head towards the flooded area where Ellie comes across one of the collectibles of the game; that is a note on a smuggler’s dead body. From there, turn left and swim underwater till you reach a storage room. The pendant is on one of the shelves in the room

Bill’s Town

Hui Wang Pendant
This pendant is on an RV found while wandering the town

Alex Raymond Vincent Pendant
During one of the first training manuals of the game inside the safehouse, you will get attacked by some infected after you exit the safehouse with Bill. After dealing with them, you can find the pendant handing on a street lamp to the right side of the road.

Peter Mrozik Pendant
Exit the graveyard and head upwards on a hill where you will come across a red, old house. Enter it and turn right where, in the laundry room, you will find this pendant.


Kazden Risk Pendant
In Pittsburg, you will come across a library, that is basically a book store run by hunters. The pendant is behind a barricade in the alley to the right of the building.

Colby Reed Pendant
After Ellie saves you when escaping from the basement of the hotel, you will find this pendant in one of the bathroom stalls.

Lucas Rios Pendant
Before you reach the safehouse of Henry and Sam, you will come across a bathroom on your left. Enter it and collect the pendant from one of the stalls.

The Suburbs

Josh Scheffler Pendant
This pendant is on an abandoned boat on the beach that has a huge hole in it. Go through the hole and look for it behind the blue net.

Robert Righetti Pendant
In the sewers, there will be a very narrow path on your right where this pendant can be found.

Eddie Fuentes Pendant
After crossing the sewer, you will reach a platform with a generator. From there swim underwater to find the pendant under the surface of a submerged car.

Matthew White Pendant
At the end of the suburbs, cross the dogs that are continuously barking at you to find a tree in a garden to your left. Pendant is hanging on one of its branches.

Tommy’s Dam

Ryan Oliverio Pendant
This pendant is located in an open room on the ground floor of the dam. You can reach this room by going into the room where turbines are being fixed and then heading to the ground level with the other engineers.

Brent Pino Pendant
This pendant is located on the ground floor of the ranch house you will find while chasing Ellie. Enter the room with a fireplace in it and the pendant can be found resting on a wooden desk.

The University

Hope Pino Pendant
From the crossroads, turn right and this pendant can be found hanging on a tree. You can use the scattered bottles around the tree to knock the pendant down. This will enable you to save bullets for future use.

Alex Rohner Pendant
You will find a blue dumpster in front of a window just before leaving the central grounds. Go into the room and look for a bottle of supplements on a table. The pendant can be found beside it.

Joe Warren Pendant
You will come across a Bloater while venturing through the dorms. Kill it to collect this pendant.

Erik Griggs Pendant
During your visit to the Science Building, go into the tent at the end of the road before entering the building to collect this pendant from a table inside the tent.

Sadie Pearle Hickman Pendant
Enter the science building and soon you will reach a room where you will be startled by monkeys. The pendant is located at the back right corner of this room.

Lakeside Resort

Travis Kristof Pendant
While you are lowering the ladder for David on the catwalks, you will need to defeat a clicker that appears from a room. After defeating it, enter the room to collect the pendant from the top of a crate.

Paul D. Braun Pendant
While you are being chased by the bandits, Ellie will fall off her horse and you will reach an old cabin. Exit it and head right towards the gazebo to find the pendant.

The Bus Depot

Katerina Perich Pendant
You’ll find a broken car near a school bus while heading down the highway. Check behind it for the pendant.

Nicole Hoo Pendant
This pendant is found hanging one of the square lights in the Triage area of tents, left of the yellow bus.

Natalie Hoo Pendant
Immediately after you collect the Nicole Hoo Pendant, Natalie Hoo pendant can be found in a little gap behind the yellow school bus before entering the tunnel.

The Firefly Lab

Bryony Stewart Seume Pendant
This last pendant is behind a shiv door. This door is behind a reception inside the hospital.

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