The Last Of Us 2 Character Art Leaks Online

One of the lead characters of the upcoming Last of Us 2 title had their art leaked online ahead of the game’s official release. The character in question was Yara, who’s portrayed in-game by Victoria Grace. Clearly, she was the model for the character alongside being the voice. The artist behind this wonderful piece is Soa Lee.

This is some dope artwork. It’ll be cool to see how accurate she looks in-game when the Last of Us 2 finally releases. Right now, Naughty Dog hasn’t even given us a Last of Us 2 release date.

All we know about the Last of Us 2 definitively is that the game will put us in the boots of a grown up Ellie. Ellie was the little badass girl with Joel from the first game.

Speaking of Joel, we’re not sure if he’s playable or let alone truly in this game. Yes, the teaser clip did show him walking up to where Ellie was playing the guitar.

Was that really Joel though? I mean it could be an apparition of him. A spiritual presence that’s helping Ellie along the way. Sort of like how Lee is there for Clementine in the Walking Dead games.

There’s been leaks left and right of when the last of us 2 release date is set for. We do know that it’ll be on the PlayStation 4. This gives us a window of this year and the next, but Sony could reverse that decision as well.

Sony has mentioned their plans about the next chapter of cinematic storytellng on the PlayStation 5. Could they have included the Last of Us 2 in that very same statement? Possibly.

Either way, this and Days Gone will be spearheading the genre of zombie games for the time being. In the present world where battle royales are the hip new thing, it’ll be interesting to see how this turns out.

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