The Last Guardian is a Small Team Low Budget Game, Lower Than Horizon

An interview with Shuhei Yoshida revealed some interesting facts about the development team working on the Last Guardian. It's a small team low budget game.

After Sony enjoyed revealing to the E3 audience that The Last Guardian was in fact still in development the dust has settled and people are starting to question just who are working on the game. This includes just what development had been done and how big the team behind it will be.

Looking for some possible answers to this Eurogamer managed to get a few details while talking to Sony Worldwide Studios Shuhei Yoshida while interviewing him about Horizon Zero Dawn. He had a few interesting things to say.

On if The Last Guardian was an expensive game for Sony to make, especially after all the delays. His reply was:

“No, no, not at all. The team is much smaller. Teams in Japan are much smaller in general than teams in the US and Europe… Horizon is a much bigger budget title than The Last Guardian! It’s not so small, it’s much bigger than Ico or Shadow of the Colossus, but it’s not a US or European-style budget.”

On Mike Cerny’s involvement in the game his reply was that he was just providing advice rather than taking over development. Explaining on the delay for the last few years he said:

“So, [Fumito Ueda], his style of development is very set out, clear, like a vision, at the beginning of the project. It was the case for Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. Because he is an artist, he creates a short video to show to the team members, this is what we make. So the vision is totally the same. Because of the technical difficulty, running the game at the frame-rate required that the team look to compromise some features – the number of characters that Ueda-san wanted to do – if we were to continue on PS3. But because we moved to PS4, now he can make what he wanted. So people say it looks like the same game – there’s a reason!”

What are your thoughts on The Last Guardian? Are you still looking forward to it after the long wait? Let us know below.

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