The Inpatient Endings Guide

Our The Inpatient Endings Guide will help you in making different choices and Memories when playing the game. It depends on you and you’re in-game choices that you make to save or to kill people that you meet and interact with. It’s about the choices you make to save a bunch of people or leave a trail of corpses behind.

The Inpatient Endings

In this guide for The Inpatient we will go over all the conclusions of the game and will help in making all the right choices. Remember not everyone can be saved and some of them must die.

This all depends on the choices you make. You cannot save game of replay the chapter so make sure you make the right choices. If not, then you’ll have to start from the beginning.

How to Save David or Kill
To make sure that David survived do exactly as he says from the time you meet him. Eliminating David will reward you with ‘Blood on Your Hands’ Trophy.

How to Save Suzanne or Kill
When going through the courtyard towards the church, make sure you volunteer to be first to enterer. Remain still when told.

If you are sending her in first or choose to move then she will die and you will earn ‘Sacrificial Lamb’ Trophy.

Other than that, there will many options for rescues or death situation but most them will die eventually. Only Ted, David, and Suzanne matters the most.

How to Save Bragg or Kill
In Bragg’s office, you will be given two choices to leave him behind or take him with you. Tell him to come with you. Telling Bragg to stay will earn you the ‘Depths of Despair’ Trophy.

How to save Victor or kill
At the end, you will be able to save Victor by just waiting for him to get through the elevator when on the floor. Further, continue to the station.

In the Inpatient, if no one found around you, in the end, and you have chosen to press the button you can make the sacrifice and send Ted instead.

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